It’s Good to be Pascale

It’s Good to be Pascale

In lieu of another post whining about the rain, I present to you my crazy black dog.

Pascale remains the best rescue dog ever. She is endlessly entertaining and perhaps the most loving creature I’ve ever been around. For example, the new dog sitter came over to meet my terrors well behaved critters before we go out of town this weekend. Pascale instantly became best friends with her, and when the sitter left Pascale first looked out the window to see when her friend would be coming back and then pouted.


The good news is, she only pouts until she moves on to the next thing that makes her happy… like squirrels. One of her hobbies is sitting at the base of a tree, and barking her “Play with me!” barks non-stop at the squirrel just out of her reach.


Whenever she’s napping or cuddling, she prefers to be touching a human at all times. She’ll crawl up next to me on the couch while I watch TV, and put her head on the pillow next to me or sit so close that her butt and wagging tail will be all over my iPad/colored pencils/snack. To her, there is no such thing as too much closeness. It’s pretty adorable.


In the car, she always sits in the passenger’s side of the back seat. No exceptions. She sits like a person, but doesn’t like the window rolled down or looking at the scenery. Instead, she stares at me and occasionally gets a worried face if traffic is unusual. Even though she’s not a good traveler, she knows the car is a necessary part of going fun amazing places… so she puts up with it.

This is what happens when her sister tries to take Pascale’s chosen seat in the car:


Even though she is most definitely best dog and favorite dog in the Mauldin household, she’s far from perfect. Still a giant puppy, Pascale hasn’t exactly grown out of chewing things up. One of her favorites are the plastic caps that I clip on a half full can of dog food. If my husband leaves one on the counter in the morning, it’s sure to be destroyed by the time I leave for work.

Other favorites of her’s include my husband’s shoe insoles, TV remotes, toilet paper rolls and yarn.

Just like her mom, Pascale likes to crochet.

She’s still working on her technique though.

Despite the occasional naughtiness, this dog makes me laugh every day. When you are presented with a neglected puppy that you don’t exactly need, take my advice and get the puppy! She knows we saved her, and she loves us as much as physically possible everyday to let us know she’s thankful.

Or she just likes the dog food we give her.

Eh, whichever works.

27 thoughts on “It’s Good to be Pascale

  1. Aww Pascale is the cutest! I love the upclose photo of her whiskers and the one of the two of you cuddling.

    I have one that is a cuddler too, and I love it 🙂

  2. hahaha I love her! She is so precious. The yarn thing cracks me up. Sampson just learned how to pull tissues our of the box, so they have to be kept at insane heights now since he’s a Dane. 😉

  3. Rescue dogs are the BEST dogs! I mean my non-rescue is also the best dog ever, so that doesn’t totally support the theory. But I do think rescues know they’ve been rescued. My boy Artie is the biggest love ever. He’s happiest when he’s attached to me in some way. (Literally.)

  4. She sounds just like my black puppy. And that yarn art video is hysterical. She seems SO pleased with herself!

  5. I think your black dog and my black dog would have a great time playing together. And get into a lot of naughtiness. My husband just texted me a picture this morning of her traipsing through my FENCED OFF garden. Where’s there’s a will, there’s a Doberman!

  6. Cute!Reminds me of my dog, a 70 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback who think she’s a lap dog. She loves car rides and climbs onto the seat when she can. When on the couch she lets her front legs hang off and touch the floor like people do. She thinks she’s human.

  7. That dinner dance is so freaking cute! It makes me SO happy to see such a vibrant and happy rescue dog in a great home. Especially a big, energetic, black (black dogs statistically have a harder time getting adopted) puppy who might have had a hard time finding a good forever home. This post seriously warms my heart. =-)

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