I Got to Touch My Pony!

I Got to Touch My Pony!

The show got rained out for this weekend, just like every other horse show I had planned on going to this spring. In times like this, it’s important for me to remember that before I loved horse showing… I loved horses.

So last night I trekked out to the barn to touch my pony. First, we recreated the infamous Artax scene from A Never Ending Story.



Luckily, Simon is more of a fighter than Artax was.


Then I gave him an intense curry to help all the itchy spots.



I covered him in Herbal Horse ointments (review soon) and sprayed him down with Eco Vet fly spray. Of course it goes without saying that I stuffed him full of cookies.

I took lots of crappy cell phone pictures of him.





I kissed his nose.


It all made me so happy, and I felt my heart swell.

25 thoughts on “I Got to Touch My Pony!

  1. such a disappointment about all the rained out shows… but your pony might be the actual cutest haha and that makes up for everything!

  2. Your horse is adorable. Sorry for all of your rain. I wish I could take some of it from you as we have nothing but dust around here!

  3. Ugh, I am so there with you about the rain. I’m in San antonio and I think I saw my pony a grand total of twice in the last month. And forget riding! I think I managed a bareback walk back in Feb but that was it. Never thought I would miss the 100+ temps, but I think unending rain is worse… Hang in there!

  4. You post makes me want to run out and rent The Neverending Story! Too bad Blackbuster went under a decade ago. Drats!

    Sometimes it’s fun just to have a pretty pony day. I’m sure Simon loved it!

  5. Ugh sucks about the rain – summer is supposed to have good weather! That twitchy lip while getting curried is the cutest!

  6. Hi Lauren, I absolutely love your blog- one of my favorite horsey blogs to follow! I was just wondering (and I am no HTML/ coding wizard) if you would be able to add on the end of your posts a line to the previous post or next post? I’m sure this is easier said then done, but I think it would be easier if I missed a day or two of your blog!

    Anyways, just a suggestion but you have an amazing layout other than that! Have a great weekend and hope it dries up soon!

  7. My husband just saw the Neverending Story for the first time and was SO mad the horse doesn’t fight. So I’m glad Simon did 🙂

  8. Artax! That scene was the worst. So heartbreaking. I loved the movie, though. So glad you survived the mud and got some pony time.

  9. 1. Do the horse shows by you have rain dates?
    2. Am I the only one who doesn’t know this “nfamous Artax scene from A Never Ending Story” of which you speak?
    Glad you had happy horse time!

  10. Jeez, sorry about all the rain and the shows being canceled.. but sometimes being forced to slow down an appreciate having our horses in our lives isn’t a bad thing!

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