Sometimes you’re in a bit of a mood funk because it’s been a hard month, so you buy your dog a dinosaur costume.



Then you get yourself a matching t-shirt so you can dress up together.


Then you drag your friends to a dog party where there are dogs everywhere in costume.


They had doggie ice cream, treats and a photo booth. Pascale is definitely my fur child, because she helped herself to two servings of ice cream.


There was also this guy, who was just as awesome as you can imagine.


Sometimes you end the night with pizza for the 4th (who’s counting?) night in a row.


I regret nothing.

Happy Halloween this weekend! Dress up your animals and take lots of silly pictures for me.

20 thoughts on “Dogosaurus

  1. I support your pizza decisions.

    Pascale is the BEST dog! I tried to stuff Buttons into a dragon costume once and it didn’t end well. 🙁 Maybe I’ll try that costume on one of the cats this weekend. #teamcats

  2. Completely agree that Pascale is the best dog, she looks so happy in her costume! Our dogs looked very sad and then tried to rip the costumes off each other; the only way we got pictures was through the use of much cheese. A link to the post with pictures is below:

    Pizza is also the best! We’re planning to have pizza & watch hockey while waiting for the 6 trick-or-treaters that might show up. Probably need to get more candy. 🙂 Happy Halloween!

  3. Pizza is always a great dinner option. I never tire of it. The Dino costume could be the basis for a sweet children’s book. Pascale as the main character is a dog who doesn’t want to be a dog because dogs are so. . .doggy. Anyway, a costume is procured in the hopes of scaring people and being big and fierce. . .but in the end people love dogs more than dinosaurs. It would teach little kids to accept who they are. Etc.,etc. Can you tell I’m operating on minimal sleep. That picture outside with the costume got me going. . .

  4. Pizza is easy and good anytime. I may or may not have just wiped Pizza juice of my typing fingers. And the costume is fantastic 😀

    I ♡ Pascale. Is she a lab/pit mix? She reminds me of my dearly departed Sweetpea.

  5. I love everything about this! EVERYTHING! So glad you had a fun Halloween! I dressed my pugs as minions and at the last minute ordered the Scarlet Overkill costume so I could match them. All the cool kids are doing it right?

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