Milestone Accomplished!

Milestone Accomplished!

I’ve been having a lot of fun traveling and visiting one of my very best friends this weekend, but I wanted to share something super exciting from Thursday night’s lesson.

I jumped Simon 3’3″ ish!


I say ish because the hole is a little more like 3’2″ haha but still. We worked on gymnastics which are usually a bit anxiety filled for us but this time the strides were set a but easy and Simon was super relaxed and going through it really well. I told my trainer that it was the first time that I realized how fun and relaxing gymnastics can be!


Since we were doing pretty well, she bumped the fences up some.

As i cantered to the 3′ one I literally said out loud going in “holy crap that looks big” but it rode just fine. Truth is, the bigger jumps felt a lot like smaller jumps from a longer spot. Not like my horse all of a sudden started dramatically cracking his back or anything.


We are discovering that he’s a horse that will need a higher warm up jump. Each time we raised it, he would rub or knock a rail. The next time through it would be perfectly clean. Doesn’t worry me, because we’ve jumped small for so long.

Right before the last go at the 3’3″ish jump, he did a little happy dance before the gymnastic. I could tell he felt really pumped to be reaching a bit for bigger things. 🙂

Because I am a huge dork, I asked my trainer to take pictures.

Can’t help but be a little excited!


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  1. Nice!!! As someone who is a whopping 5′ tall, 3’3″ sounds huge! 😉 Maybe Simon wants to be a jumper after all? I’ve heard some horses put more effort into the jumps when they are higher… (says the WP girl…lol)

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