Equestrian Gift Showcase – Swanky Saddle

Equestrian Gift Showcase – Swanky Saddle

I believe it was Ainsley Carter who first brought the phrase, “Monogram is a lifestyle” to my attention – and I certainly love it!  There are lots of great vinyl monogram companies out there for the equestrian world (sneak peek – we may be visiting one later this holiday season), but Swanky Saddle first caught my attention on instagram with an entirely different kind of monogram.


Check out this saddle plate folks.  Have you ever seen a saddle plate as cool as this?  I WANT ONE.  Daresay, I need one… isn’t this the perfect accessory for every hunter princess?  They even work for western saddles too!



The smancy doesn’t stop there.  If you want something more casual and fun, they have these adorable plastic monogram tags for your horse’s bridle/halter.  You can also use them on boot zipper pulls, blankets (this is what mine will go for) and on the D rings of your saddle.  How cute are they?



Of course, any true monogram enthusiast won’t forget their wardrobe.  Swanky Saddle doesn’t leave you hanging there either, with their highly customizable monogram belts!


Swanky Saddle has these great products and more through their online web store.  You can also check out their very active social media presence on Instagram and Facebook.  I love seeing the custom items that people order!

Are these products not perfect for the equestrian stocking stuffer or secret santa gift?  If you agree with me, get ready for some shopping because I have a coupon code for you!


From now until January 1st, 2015 you can save 20% on Swanky Saddle items with this code!


Happy Shopping! What’s your favorite product from the site?

13 thoughts on “Equestrian Gift Showcase – Swanky Saddle

  1. Loving the saddle plates. Why must you keep posting such wonderful things? My bank account is going to be sad because obviously I have no willpower and need all the pretty things 🙂

  2. Hello, I have been admiring the monogrammed saddle plate . I did notice in the comments about it looking great on a hunter saddle or would look great for jumpers too.
    I do dressage & recently bought a custom saddle ( a Stackhouse saddle) . Would this monogrammed plate be appropriate for a dressage saddle ??

    Thanks for your input – I’ll look foward to hearing from you !!


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