Equestrian Gift Showcase – Gigi & Tea

Equestrian Gift Showcase – Gigi & Tea

Monogram is a lifestyle, and that is totally apparent in the equestrian world this year with the rise of vinyl monogram shops.  Turns out, you can monogram everything!  Breeches?  Check!  Helmet? Double check!  There are lots of stores out offering these services, but I choose today’s feature based off of great customer service experienced by friends of mine plus super quick, friendly communication with Hannah herself!


Helmet monograms are quite individual. Are you big and swirly?  Me personally, I’m small & conservative.  Gigi & Tea has all the helmet monogram options you need with tons of colors, styles and sizes.



Know what heat transfer monograms are good for?  Just about everything!  Monogram your polo shirt for the jumper ring.  Monogram your favorite sun shirt for schooling days.  What do I want a heat transfer monogram for?  Blankets!  I don’t embroider my blankets because it punctures the waterproofing, but a monogram won’t do that 🙂  Again, tons of color, style and size options here.


Vinyl monograms are just as versatile.  You can use them on boots, crops, tack trunks, brushes… pretty much anything they’ll stick to!  My favorite application might just have to be the subtle application on the back of open front jumper boots.


Finally, if the traditional monogram styles aren’t your thing – check out Gigi & Tea’s custom services!  I share this next picture since the trainer is local to me, but now my head is spinning!  Should I ‘She Move to Texas’ decal all of my things?  Should I get my trainer a custom order for the farm?  WHAT TO DO THERE ARE SO MANY CHOICES!



While Gigi & Tea can no longer guarantee orders by Christmas (but really, monogram is a year round need here… let’s be real) they are still offering something great!  Use the code below to save 20% OFF orders and if you spend over $30 you get a free gift!


So now really the only question is… what should I get made?!?  I guess the secondary question is, what do you want monogrammed?

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  1. This is so exciting! They’re so much more affordable than most other sites! I’m so excited to monogram my brushes!

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