Equestrian Bucket List

Equestrian Bucket List

When I’m faced with a setback of a situation (like my horse getting hurt) or what seems like an impossible goal (losing 50+ lbs), I try to remind myself of my ultimate goals.  Whether you call it a bucket list or dreams or dear lord please let me accomplish at least one of these age forces me to start showing halter horses or minis, I think it’s really good motivation to remind yourself to reach for what seems like the unattainable.

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My Equestrian Bucket List

  • Show at least 2’6″ at an A/AA show, get my changes and don’t botch any distances
  • Gallop on the beach
  • Train Simon to WTC and jump bridleless
  • Win a neck ribbon
  • Win a cooler
  • Compete in a hunter derby
  • Watch the show jumping at the Olympics or the World Equestrian Games
  • Go to Quarter Horse Congress
  • Rescue a feedlot horse and rehab it to the best of my abilities
  • Ride a reining pattern
  • Ride in a clinic with a BNT
  • Go camping on horseback/with the horses
  • Own a horse throughout its entire life, from the time I acquire it until it passes away

I can’t tell if that list looks like a ton of stuff, or nothing at all.  Some are very attainable, some not so much, and some only if I step up and work really hard.  I know I can accomplish some of these, but sometimes it’s so daunting to get started.


Now that they’re out there for the world to see, I guess it’s high time I bump up my determination to make some happen.  What’s on your equestrian bucket list?

13 thoughts on “Equestrian Bucket List

  1. Gallop down the beach for sure!
    Go swimming with Shy.
    Go horse camping.
    Go on an actual trail ride (I need to get a saddle, horse broke mine).
    Win a ribbon.
    That’s about it. As I gain more confidence, I am sure I will add more things. Your list is great!

  2. Love your blog, is there a way to be able to follow this from my wordpress blog account….so it shows up in my reader??

      1. Boo. Have you tried a feed URL directly or a service like Feedburner? I’ll try to look into this more and get an easy subscribe option on the sidebar.

  3. Haha, “don’t botch any distances”- I think that’s impossible!!! 😉 Those are some really good ones though! One of my goals is to win a neck ribbon as well! I was really close at the American Eventing Championships last year, but alas, I fell short! Some of my goals are to go Prelim on Wizard (don’t know if this one will happen- I’ll have to grow some courage first!), score below a 30 in dressage, jump the Shamu jump (also will have to grow some courage). I’ve ridden on the beach but never galloped- that’d be nice too! I’d love to gallop a thoroughbred around a track, but that will likely never happen either 🙁 One thing that was on my list that I’m in the process of is to break a horse and raise him. I met Wiz when he was about 2 and was about the only person to work with him, I broke him and I’m the only one who’s ever ridden him. I hope to own him until he passes away, too 🙂 That’s a special thing! What’s fun is looking back and exceeding your goals- two years ago mine was just to go cross country and try an event. Before I know it I was at the American Eventing Championships and placed 7th!! No where in my wildest dreams would I have imagined two years before that would happen! Now I want to go again and win one day 🙂 Preferably on Wiz, who I trained myself. Good luck checking off your bucket list! (and then exceeding them!)

  4. Hi! We loved this post, we too hope for the last thing on your bucket list, a lifetime partnership is very special. A great list, we need to think of ours too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by our blog, hope to see you again soon!

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