Simon’s Recovery Progress

Simon’s Recovery Progress

We are past 1 month of stall rest with no hand walking, and 2.5 weeks of stall rest with hand walking.  We started out with 5 minute hand walks, and are up to 20 minutes.  Next week they are 30 minutes and then we will start with weighted walking.

Since there were lots of people around the barn last night, I asked one of the teen girls to jog Simon for me so I could see his progress.  The last time I jogged him was at the end of February, and it was just a little trot where I noticed no issues.

Here’s the video first, then my thoughts.

So a few things you should know is that a) he was aced during this video.  2cc about 2 hours prior to us jogging him.  Also b) he has always ‘fallen out’ behind.

When I first started riding him, at the walk and the trot he would occasionally fall out for a stride with one of his hind legs.  My trainer and I discussed it and she thought the culprit was weak stifles, so the plan was to slowly bring him up to full work and if it didn’t get better to call the vet.  It definitely got better – to the point he hardly ever fell out before he went lame.

Now when I hand walk him, he has started falling out again.  I’m not calling the vet because it happened before… but I would love ya’lls thoughts on the video and how he looks.

To me, he looks a little stuff and improves after a few strides.  Compared to how lame he was in the beginning (I would say a 4/5 at the trot at least), this is amazing.  The lameness/injury was very acute with him, and his RH has always been NQR due to the fusing in his hock.  However I’m a firm believer of multiple eyes, and figured a great educated set of eyes to ask would be my blog visitors!  Thanks for any feedback you have.

7 thoughts on “Simon’s Recovery Progress

  1. My horse started falling out behind after his stall rest last year. Their stifles defi weaken during stall rest, no reason to call the vet until he’s back in full work and actually stronger in his hind end.

    1. That definitely makes me feel better. A few people have said he looks NQR on the RH, but it’s hard to say if that’s from the injury or from his overall fusing/weakness in that hock.

  2. Nothing to add to the falling out but I am so happy he is on the mend! That is awesome! Keep up the good work mom and you will be back in the saddle (with him) in no time 🙂

  3. I agree…definitely improves during the second jog (once he started jogging :)!). He is so cute and your ring looks beautiful.

  4. I think you can definitely tell there’s a small catch in his step, but it looks pretty slight.. honestly people go into the dressage ring with this little bit of lameness all the time. (Not recommending it, just saying.) You can definitely tell he’s drugged with the wobbles, but I think he’s looking really good!

    My trainer had a thoroughbred who fell out behind all the time. Apparently there’s some virus that can get in their spine and can cause it- its not life threatening and I don’t think there’s any treatment for it, but it affects the nervous system. Not saying he has that, but just a thought. It didn’t affect her thoroughbred in competing though.

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