30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

It’s my burfday.  I’m 29.


My husband is 6 years older than me, so I watched his metamorphosis from 20’s to 30’s when I was in my early/mid 20’s.  At the time, I kind of dismissed his mild panic.  What’s the deal?  If you don’t get older you die!

And then I hit 27, and he said “Now you’re in your late 20’s.”

“No, I’m in my mid 20’s still.”

28 is definitely late 20’s, but not as late as it can be.  Still very much in my 20’s thank you very much.

Now 29 is here, and I can no longer ignore the fact that I won’t be in my 20’s forever.  It’s stupid, but I never actually comprehended then ending… but they will.

On the equestrian side of things, I’ve wasted a lot of years in my youth being out of shape, not working very hard, not having the right horse, or some combination of the above.  Now that I’m willing to put the work in and have a suitable equine partner, I’d like to really accomplish something before I start the official march toward the older adults.


30 Equestrian Things I’d Like To Do Before I’m 30

  1. Save up and buy a saddle I really love and covet. Well, I did buy a saddle
  2. Jump 3’0″Jumped 3’3″!
  3. Show in the jumpers Loved the jumpers!
  4. Canter bareback
  5. Take pictures of Simon galloping in the pasture
  6. Go watch a horse race – Went to Retama Park
  7. Go fox hunting
  8. Go cross country schoolingWent in January!
  9. Show dressage?
  10. Go watch/photograph at a major AQHA show
  11. Get a fancy Delacoeur bonnet… with sparklesLearned to make my own!
  12. Paint a model horse to look like Simon
  13. Reach 500 SMTT Facebook fansAccomplished!
  14. Interview a BNR/BNT for the blogInterviewed Richie Moloney!
  15. Ride Simon bridlelessWasn’t hard at all!
  16. Win champion
  17. Get (another) equestrian tattoo
  18. Compete in a hunter derby62 on my first derby!
  19. Braid Simon’s tail for a show
  20. Go to an A show
  21. Go to any show and not be nervousOvercame nerves and ended cool as a cucumber
  22. Visit WEF againWent for Week 10
  23. Invite a non-rider to the barn to visit & ride Simon
  24. Throw Simon a birthday partyHis 8th Birthday Party
  25. Compete in a “special” class at a horse show (not short bus special either)
  26. Keep this blog active
  27. Meet more equine bloggers in the fleshMet Andrea and Emily!
  28. Stay within my horse budget for the year
  29. Try to ride different horses when the chance allowsHave ridden a bunch!
  30. Continue to work on my partnership with Simonpants


For now, I know that I’m accomplishing some time with my family on this oh-so-close-to-Christmas birthday.  I’ll inform Simon when I’m back from my NC trip that he has a new list of expectations because I’ve become aware of my own mortality 🙂

28 thoughts on “30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

  1. Happy Birthday!

    The nice thing about being an equestrian is that you can still participate in your sport/hobby well into your old age if you so desire. I personally plan on riding until the day I die but at least until I’m in my 80’s. I know 30 seems like a big deal but once you get used to it it really isn’t all that much different than your 20s. Enjoy yourself!

  2. “Stay within my horse budget for the year”

    OMG can I do this EVERY year? Lol. If only. If only. If only.

    A friend came to visit my two yesterday and said, “Oh this makes me want a horse again.” (Her first was fully paid for by parents because we were little. I just looked at her and said, “Money pits.”

  3. I’ve got you covered for 7, 8, and 9. Red says you can come canter bareback on him. Gaited horse = most comfy bareback canter EVAR.

    And Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Happy birthday to you!

    Know what? Your 30s are WAY better than your 20s. And you want to know some more? My 40s (I’ll be 43 in a few days) are proving to be even better than my 30s were. So here’s to true adulthood: I’ve found that with those birthdays come more experience, more education, more time, more energy (seriously!), better fitness (really!), more MONEY, more ability, and a lot more friends!

    Now you’re going to be “chomping at the bit” for the three-oh. Enjoy your last year of semi-adulthood. :0)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That’s a lot of things to accomplish in a year… but you can do it! My boyfriend will be 29 in February, and I turned 25 back in September, so I can kind of relate to watching your husband panic while you enjoy your mid twenties ha!

  6. We are birthday buddies!!!
    You should come visit me in Ohio :). Then you can meet more bloggers in flesh, photograph the AQHA Congress, paint model horses, and get tattoos! Haha what a time that would be! 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday! I just turned 30, it’s not so bad 🙂

    I am the opposite, my husband is 4 years younger. I will be happy the day he matures haha

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