Blog Hop – Equestrian Bucket List

Blog Hop – Equestrian Bucket List

Little Bay Princess is hosting a blog hop, and the topic is your Equestrian Bucket list! I’ve blogged about my bucket list before, but it’s a lot of fun to think about.  This year has opened up new opportunities for me riding wise, and made me believe in myself a bit more… maybe there’s more I’d even like to accomplish than I previously thought!


Here is my original list:

My Equestrian Bucket List

  • Show at least 2’6″ at an A/AA show, get my changes and don’t botch any distances
  • Gallop on the beach
  • Train Simon to WTC and jump bridleless
  • Win a neck ribbon
  • Win a cooler
  • Compete in a hunter derby
  • Watch the show jumping at the Olympics or the World Equestrian Games
  • Go to Quarter Horse Congress
  • Rescue a feedlot horse and rehab it to the best of my abilities
  • Ride a reining pattern
  • Ride in a clinic with a BNT
  • Go camping on horseback/with the horses
  • Own a horse throughout its entire life, from the time I acquire it until it passes away


I still think this is a good list of items, even if I haven’t crossed any off yet.  However, I can think of some more that I’d like to add…

  • Show in the jumpers
  • Treat myself to a pair of custom boots
  • Gallop my OTTB as fast as he would like to go
  • Go Cross Country schooling in a water complex

I’m sure I will add more in the future!  It’s always fun to dream about future things to do with horses 🙂
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12 thoughts on “Blog Hop – Equestrian Bucket List

  1. Love your list! Hope it’s not “cheating” – I remembered I’d done an Equestrian Bucket List last year. I revisited it, thinking it might need updating, but nope! Pretty much still my dream list haha.

    1. Not cheating. 😉

      Love how detailed your list is! I tried to limit myself to three purely because I would probably make it a mile long and no one would read it, haha.

  2. You know, Lauren, I don’t have a bucket list. I’ve thought about it, but I just don’t work that way. Instead, something occurs to me, and I just do it! A few years ago, totally out of the blue, I decided that I wanted to do a riding vacation in Ireland. I had never thought about visiting Ireland so I am not sure where the idea came from, but a few months later I went (alone!).

    During a staff meeting a few years later, we did an ice breaker game where we had to list a country we’d like to visit. Out of the blue again, I said Peru. That evening I told Hubby we were going to Peru that summer, and we did!

    I went to a dressage show to volunteer in 2009 or 2010 and said, “that looks like fun!” In June of 2010 I started showing.

    I find this extremely interesting because NO one who knows me would say I am impulsive. And yet, when it comes to trying new and different things, my list of tried things is enormous (traveling to three countries by myself, swimming with sharks, rappelling, winning coolers, neck ribbons, championship classes, racing across the dessert/beach/forest, riding in other countries, swimming my horses, raising a foal, and on and on).

    If I had a bucket list I would probably kill myself trying to get it all done in one year. If it gets written down, I feel compulsively obligated to GET IT DONE. I am better off with trying or doing the random thing that pops in my mind. Maybe I’ll blog about that!

    1. That’s a pretty awesome way of thinking. I am a “planner” and not spontaneous at all, so I like to make lists and long goals so I feel like I’m working towards something. If I declare something and can’t make it happen quickly due to one reason or another, I feel pretty down about myself.

  3. Lots of your items were mine and I have done a lot of them. But I want to win a neck ribbon next year SO bad! I want a neck ribbon and a victory lap! I will tell you that few feelings are greater than being able to jump your horse bridle less!

  4. Awesome list – I’ve done two of the things on your list – gallop on a beach and attend QH congress! Congress is totally worth it, by the way! Ohio isn’t too far from Texas, right? 😉

    I should dust off one of my old horse bucket lists – it is a good idea for a post!

  5. The “gallop my OTTB as fast as he’d like to go” made me laugh. Because my OTTB doesn’t want to go very fast and the gallop would be more like a meandering walk with some stops to graze and stare.

    1. I always wonder if I got going, if Henry would click into his race brain and haul ass… i know he can go fast but never pushed as fast as we can go ha!

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