Danny Horse Movie Review

Danny Horse Movie Review

With my recent bought of the plague/black lung/please dear lord can I stop being sick, I’ve had more time than normal to sit around and watch tv.  This made me think it was a good time to add the first movie to the Horse Movie Review Challenge.  So I present to you.. Danny – the most realistic horse movie ever made.


Us hunter/jumper gals don’t get a lot of movies that are really about the hunters.  Barrel racing, regular racing, cross country, let’s face it pretty much every discipline is more exciting to your average movie viewer (maybe not western pleasure)… but Danny is a movie focused solely on the hunters.

Danny himself is a pokey large pony who is giving his spoiled rich owner a hard time.  After a disastrous horse show where spoiled rich owner gets chastised for “sloppy riding” and not getting back on mid-course when she is thrown (seriously, did people ever get back on mid-course after falling off?), Danny comes up lame and his owner gives him the boot.

Enter hard working kid who nurses Danny back to health and fitness.  It’s the typical horse movie scenario really – sweet hard working kid earns underdog .  I don’t want to give you a complete plot rundown and spoil this not at all predictable plot, but I did want to say why I thought this movie was realistic and unlike a bunch of other horse movies I’ve seen.


  • Ponies are brats. Even though they try to blame it on the girl’s “sloppy riding” it’s a pretty good example of watching a pony do what a pony do.
  • It’s really annoying when you get cut-off/blocked in a hack class.
  • Horses get lame.  Then they get sound.  Then they get lame again.  Sometimes they stay lame.  The end.
  • I really miss velvet helmets…

Ok, that last part wasn’t realism from the movie, more my sentiment for old school hunters.  Overall?  If you like hunters, I’d give this a watch.  If you miss the 70’s, I’d give this a watch.  If you want to wonder what the goat is doing at the hunter show, I’d give this a watch.  I liked it, and didn’t have nearly as much gagging or yelling at the TV as I usually do during horse movies.

7 thoughts on “Danny Horse Movie Review

  1. It was a jumper so class, so maybe this doesn’t count, but my horse turned WAY QUICKER than I anticipated after a jump (he was really good at that, lol) and I went to the left while he went right… really embarrassing. But I got right back on and finished the course! But like I said, maybe that’s not allowed in hunters, I don’t know that I’ve ever fallen off during a hunter course lol.

    My hunter velvet cap was my favorite thing as a kid 🙂 I’ll have to give the movie a watch!

  2. My last instructor said that when she first started riding in the hunters, you only lost whatever time it would take you to scramble back into the saddle and she said that’s exactly what she used to do. I also totally had a velvet helmet when I was a little girl.

  3. As an FYI to you & your horsey movie watchers, they just released The Black Stallion on blu-ray. And for only 8.99, it is MINE!

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