Equestrian Book Review – Born That Way

Equestrian Book Review – Born That Way

More tween lit – fun times for all.  This one is not your usual fare though.

I picked up Born This Way during my usual “search Amazon for all the free horse Kindle books”.  For those of you like that use an e-reader, check often because most books are only free for short periods of time.  Anyway, I picked this one up for $0 and gave it a try.


It’s… interesting.

I give the author points for a clever plot, because the main character of our story has some interesting health hurdles to overcome which become more clear as you read on.  In addition to having side effects from her unusual health, the main character pines away for a horse or riding lessons or anything remotely horsey.  That’s something I’m sure most of us can relate to in our youth.

Overall the story is cute and again, a quick and easy read, but my main problem is with the character’s mother.  Her mother is a moron.  I can’t describe to you how much of a moron the mother is because it would give away the plot, but trust me – it’s beyond stupid… think psychologist trying to psychoanalyze everything.  I’m sure that was the author’s intention, but it was too much for me.

For a free read, I liked the book well enough.  It’s cute.

Overall: For $5, I’d be on the fence.  If I was actually a tween and I actually had a crazy mother and was going through some tween stuff, I’d be more into it.  The horse content is pretty low, and what is there is very “riding around with rainbows” feeling.  Not my cuppa.

If I had a tween daughter or niece or something, I’d buy this for them.  Otherwise, not my favorite.


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