Day 29 – A Style in Tack/Apparel You Don’t Like

Day 29 – A Style in Tack/Apparel You Don’t Like

I am not a thin and svelte person, and although I’m in a campaign to lose weight… I know I’m never going to be a size 0.  Or a size 2… or if we’re being realistic a size 4 and who knows what else.

So traditional rise breeches with a relaxed cut in the hip (like the old Tailored Sportsman Pro Hunters) are my friend.  You know what is not my friend?

Low rise.

Seriously, why?  I know these aren’t as low as low rise jeans (which I also hate), but why do we need to lower the rise of athletic pants when we’re constantly bending scooping two pointing posting sitting standing and reaching?


No seriously, why does this exist?

Maybe this post is a whole plus rider problems thing, and my thinner eq bloggers don’t share my gripe.  What do you think about low rise breeches?

10 thoughts on “Day 29 – A Style in Tack/Apparel You Don’t Like

  1. I hate low ride pants of any kind! Even if the person wearing them is thin, butt crack still shows. Gross. Pants don’t need to go to the shoulders, but they should cover butt crack when sitting or bending.

    1. Maybe that’s the difference? I’m 5’8″ and have really long legs but a short torso… I want to like low rise but they look awful on me and fall down constantly. Bleck.

  2. Not a fan of low rise anything either, but I am built weird and find that I have to always pull up my pants, I think low rise would fall right off of me.

  3. When I was in high school I was all about the low rise, but now I’m a sane adult who prefers practicality over.. well, having my ass hang out when I bend over or tummy show when I reach up. So I’m with you on this one, despite body size- everyone needs a higher rise 🙂

  4. I actually love wearing low rise breeches. I am a very petite person thou – 5′ 2″ and 100-110 lbs. I’m small! I also don’t have a big butt so it helps compensate for that (I look like a stick lol). The style of breeches depends on the body type. I don’t like breeches above my belly button because it just feels awkward to me. I also wear a long enough shirt to cover the belt loops of the breeches so I don’t show anything. Everyone has their own cup of tea!

  5. I will wear low rise in some brands but don’t want them to actually be low rise. The TS low rise work well for me and there are a few ariat models that I can do in low rise but as L Williams said I am not particularly tall so normal rise is up to my ribs in some brands!

  6. Im not the biggest fan of them, but they work for me…. however, the low rise style creates a problem, even for slimmer riders…. the back gaps… you get poofy crotch (which was a term on COTH in a breeches review thread). And that picture is everything that is HORRID about low rise breeches. PLEASE wear a belt and wear a shirt that is long enough to tuck in. We are not in da club….

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