An Update on the Ponies

An Update on the Ponies

For a supposed horse blog, I sure haven’t been writing much about the horses lately.

Mostly it’s because emotionally I’m not in a spot right now where I’m super into the horses. That sounds worse than it is, but before you picture my two tossed aside in a dusty field… I can assure you that they’re both fine.

Photo (and rider!) compliments Heather F
Photo (and rider!) compliments Heather F

I ride Roman between two to three days a week, which is certainly less than I’m used to going to the barn but a pace that works for us right now. My trainer does him at least once a week to keep everything sharp, and I’ve got great barn friends who help me on other days.

Sweet Roman continues to be as sweet as can be, and steadily improving. He’s had a few people try him, but no bites so far. I’ve decided my dream for him is to get bought by a teenage eventer. This horse has no spook and really brave. Yesterday I jumped him around some of the little log jumps in our derby field, and he was 100% game and happy to do it. He’s got no spook, and is really chill in new situations. Two weeks ago he was hauled a few hours off the property to get tried, and was a perfect gentlemen in a completely new situation. He’s going to make a great horse for someone, and anytime that person wants to come pick him up is fine by me. 😉

Photo (and rider!) compliments Heather F
Photo (and rider!) compliments Heather F

Simon continues to be his rock star self with his leasee. The other night I got a text from multiple people about the jumper grid lesson that happened, excitedly telling me that Simon jumped 3’9″ in a gymnastic. Being the crazed horse mom that I am, I immediately texted my trainer “pics or it didn’t happen” and was rewarded with media.


Talking to his leasee after the lesson was funny, because we both noticed his ears being back instead of his typical forward “JUMP ALL THE JUMPS!” She said in the grid he really had on his listening cap, and seemed to ask her “Wow this is big. I am ready for all direction please!”


Simon certainly doesn’t jump this big often, and I suspect this is near his scope limit, but it’s cool to see my beloved horse “learn new things in college.”

The other day after I rode Roman, I went up to Simon’s stall with a handfull of treats. When he heard me walking down the hallway to his stall and my Siiiimon! Hiiii! voice, he turned to whicker to me like he always does. After the treats had been dispensed and my arm had been licked thoroughly, he hung his head over the stall door and leaned his neck towards me so I would scratch juuuuust the right spot.

I dug my nails into his crest, and watched his head tilt sideways with his bottom lip flopping. Just like that, my heart became full again.

24 thoughts on “An Update on the Ponies

  1. He loves you YEAH YEAH YEAH! Look at Simon with his big boy jumping britches on! And he still remembers and adores his mom.

    Roman is looking like a different horse. You’ll find a buyer for him, no doubt!

  2. Wow,go Simon! Having others try your horse is hard, even if not super emotionally attached, it’s a roller coaster. Hope the right person comes around soon.

  3. They both look great and it sounds like they’re doing well. You post as you see fit. You deserve to be happy.

  4. They both looks fantastic! I’m so glad things are falling into place for you. Roman sounds wonderful, and I’m confident he’ll find the right mom soon. No spooking is a very attractive feature! Woohoo Simon for jumping the big jumps!

  5. I’m glad both boys are doing well – sometimes the horse stuff can get to be really tough… for unexpected reasons. Keep moving forward, you got this

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