Simon Update Told Through Animated Gifs

Simon Update Told Through Animated Gifs

I went out to see Simon pants last night, and he was back in full spirits.  Feeling very fancy and proud of himself, he was quite the demanding horse.  Where are my fans?  Why haven’t we been hand grazing?  This hay is not in a haynet!

Needless to say, I was a bit busy tending to his every need in the hour that I was at the barn.  Given how worried I was over the weekend and how sick he looked, I was happy to do all this for my Mr. Sassy Pants… but I didn’t get any update photos for you.  Therefore, I will give you the best visual representation that I can through animated gifs.

I get there, and Sir Simon is sweating in his stall (that has has no fans like the vet clinic) and ignoring his hay piled up on the floor.


Since he still has the abscess, I wanted to do keep him cool in case of fever.  I gave him a sponge bath over all the sweaty areas, fly sprayed him and groomed him a lot.


Freshly cooled, I took him for a walk and hand graze around the property.  The past several weeks he has been super chill for hand walking.


But last night (especially with no chain), he took off marching away from the barn.


I was but a tiny peon at the end of a feeble lead rope. Simon was looking everywhere for something exciting… which usually ended up being a pile of grass that somehow never caught his eye before. When he’d spot the next victim of vegetation, he headed over to it with or without me.


At one point, he put himself in a ditch so he could eat these tiny little weeds that were literally growing out of the side of a rock retaining wall. I pondered this for about 30 seconds before I realized I didn’t like the idea of my lame all winter horse standing in a rocky ditch eating weeds from a retaining wall, and made him get out with a mouth full of weeds dribbling from his muzzle. Then he pouted.


After walking being dragged around the property, I put him back in his stall and went to grab a hay net and put his hay up for his highness. He immediately started chowing down, until he realized I brought him a new Likit (Watermelon this time… it was already chewed up by the time I left last night lol). Then he alternated between grabbing mouth fulls of hay, dunking his head in the water bucket, and biting his new likit.


On my way out, he spooked at something imaginary and did a bunch of circles in his stall… probably tearing apart the poultice wrap that needs to stay on until Thursday evening. I told him he was a pain in the ass.


And then I told him I was so happy he was better, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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    1. I think my favorite is Marnie from Girls eating the cake… the original caption with that one was “When I get high and try to flirt with people…” LOL

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