Whomp Whomp

Whomp Whomp

I was hoping to have exciting news for you today, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson – don’t write the blog post until the vetting is 100% done. That post went into the trash, and instead I feel the need to update y’all slightly since I dangled a large carrot earlier in the week and have nothing to show for it.

I’m sad, because I haven’t legitimately shopped for a horse in ten years ever and I’m not used to the emotional rollercoaster with it all. Add that to the trouble I already have making major decisions without bouncing them off of Tim, and I’ve been giving myself ulcers all week. When I first saw the horse I thought would be my unicorn, I told myself that I would trust my gut and if it wasn’t meant to be… it wouldn’t be. Turns out it wasn’t.

I’ve taken enough creative writing classes to know that good writing is never filled with self pity. Right now I’m acting like a bit of a brat about the horse and feeling sorry for myself because of my general life situation, so I’m going to sign off, hug the awesome horse I have and try again Monday.

28 thoughts on “Whomp Whomp

  1. Its like saddle shopping.. it SEEMS like it should be awesome & great fun! Until you actually start…. 😛

    You will find what you’re looking for though! 🙂

  2. Aw, that’s such a bummer. Being let down is the pits. But I believe pretty strongly that if it’s meant to be it will. So hopefully the next one will be your unicorn for real.

  3. Just think about this. There was a gelding I was in LOVE with. Tried him, loved him, loved everything about him. He didn’t pass his prepurchase and I was heartbroken. I kept on looking, and a few months later, I went to try Gogo. And the rest is history.
    The right one is waiting for you.

  4. Horse shopping is hard but I’m with the camp if it’s meant to be it will happen! Your unicorn is still out there somewhere, waiting for you to find them.

  5. It took me a full year to find Delly – and he was my perfect unicorn.. Hang in there and keep looking

  6. Bummer, its so hard because we get emotionally invested when we meet and ride them, then often lose them during the prepurchase exam, choosing a rational decision over a more emotional one. Keep strong, I find the idea of actually going from window shopping online to trying horses daunting.

  7. I always find the ones that vet when I’m “not really” looking…. Grrr. Like, “it took forever to find your last horse, so let’s start looking and see what’s out there now”. Looked at like 3, vetted 1 in the span of about a month before, obviously, buying it and still having 1st horse.

    Hang in there! Its a thrilling/heart breaking roller coaster, but you’ll find the right one.

  8. Been there. Recently. I’ve had a friend call it internet-jinxing and I didn’t think it was real until I had a post I had to scrap due to a failed vetting! The right one is right around the corner 😉

  9. Horse shopping is always a test in patience and perseverance – the right partner in crime is waiting for you to find them. I hope you can enjoy the opportunity to sit on more horses than you ever thought possible even if in hindsight when you find the right one *hugs*

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