A Benefit of Working at SmartPak – Famous Eliot!

A Benefit of Working at SmartPak – Famous Eliot!

Eventually I’ll actually write up a real post about my work experience at SmartPak, but a former co-worker sent this to me today on Facebook and I was just tickled.


That’s my pup, Eliot! You can view the full email blast by clicking here.  It’s been a rather interesting/stressful week, so this made me smile for sure.

Eliot is also the cover puppy for one of the SmartPak canine Supplements, SmartCanine Healthy Weight.


If any of y’all are looking for a supplement to put your dog on, I’d check out the SmartPak ones.  We tested a lot for them with my two dogs during the initial product development, and I was happy with the results.

Regardless of my mixed feelings about SmartPak, stuff like having your dog in a photo shoot was super fun.  I really miss the luxury of bringing my dog to work, and will say that the SmartPak team has the best “Bring Your Dog to Work” program I’ve ever seen.  The company as a whole really does a lot of things right!

8 thoughts on “A Benefit of Working at SmartPak – Famous Eliot!

  1. This is awesome!!!! Eliot is super cute and famous! Love that beautiful hair. We had an English Cocker Spaniel when I was little and we ended up shaving her because she would constantly get burrs, tangles, you name it from running around on our little farm.

    1. I used to keep him in a show clip, but now it’s too much hassle. He’s due for a clip right now. I don’t shave down all the way, but I basically do a very short puppy cut.

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