Eliot Looking Fabulous

Eliot Looking Fabulous

Before all the dog sadness this weekend, I was sent one of the most magical YouTube videos I’ve ever seen. Please pause your life for two minutes and watch this amazing comedy clip, which had me giggling out of control at my desk.

After speaking with said friend about how funny we found this, she said that she wished I had a dog wig for BT. I didn’t have a dog wig, but I do have real wigs…


BT didn’t participate really well, but luckily I do have one dog that is patient enough to sit and pose for me wearing ridiculous wigs. And that dog is Eliot.



So while there’s a lot to be sad about right now, there’s also a lot to giggle at.



Also, Pascale said she can’t sit still enough for wig photos but she would like to show you one of her babies.


Somehow turning two has changed her from the dog who needs to destroy all toys to the dog who needs to carry them around and show them off… especially purple dinosaur.


Purple dinosaur is her #1 baby.

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