Simon Speaks via Animal Communicator Part II

Simon Speaks via Animal Communicator Part II

So in my first post about Simon’s animal communicator, I told you all the “general” information she shared and his initial question. Maybe because it was general, but a lot of that information was still in the “Hmm, this could be legit?” category instead of the “I’m a believer!” category. After the first twenty minutes or so of talking, she asked me what questions I had for Simon.

First, I addressed the “younger girl” who Simon was broken hearted about. I told the communicator to tell him that she had gone to college, but was totally fine and riding other horses. Simon said he was glad to hear that, and hopes she comes to say hello sometime. This is a pretty general response that any human/animal would say.

After “telling” him that D was okay, I then asked about his experience at the barn where I got him from. Simon said he was “one of many.” This barn has a *LOT* of school horses, so that makes perfect sense. He said that he spoke more spanish there than he does now. At the time, there were no spanish speaking grooms I am aware of. We also don’t have any spanish speaking grooms now. He said he liked the people who led him around and took care of him at the previous barn more than the current barn. I don’t believe this. He did not like the previous farm hand at my old barn, but the current employees say he is so nice and pleasant at current barn.

He said that “not much made them happy” at the previous barn. I believe this. They are nice folks, but Simon hard a hard time excelling there (often lame) and he was never one of the favorite school horses by any means. The feed was not as nutritious at old barn as it is now. This is true – I just changed him to Ultium. The old barn had “no real fun” and he compared it to the animal communicator’s background at a Catholic school. This is hard to say, because old barn can be very relaxed with lots of fun events. However, Simon was never one of the “chosen” school horses and didn’t go to horse shows. With his personality, I can see him not thinking the previous environment was much ‘fun’ for him. 

I’d like to add here that there’s nothing wrong with old barn. I don’t want someone to read this, connect the dots and think “Oh I shouldn’t board there!” These are somewhat sketchy horse comments via animal communicator… now let’s continue 🙂


The animal communicator asked what happened to him at this barn, and said did he “flunk out”? I pretty much agreed without trying to disclose too much information. She told me that horses will become lame or develop behaviors when they want to change their situation. She told me that Simon was showing her a photograph, and that’s how he decided to become my horse. Someone showed me a photograph of him, and I decided that I would keep him. There was no physical photograph, but the first time I ever “looked” at Simon my former trainer led him out for me. I stood back and looked at him on the lead with her holding him, and said “He looks like a pretty nice horse!” That’s a very clear mental image in my mind, but it wasn’t a physical photograph and it also wasn’t the same moment I decided to keep him.

I asked the communicator to check with him about any physical pain. She immediately said, “His back end feels really tight and stiff. Maybe something in his hips?” He has a chronic weak hind end and has been falling out a little bit more lately. Usually “out” in the hips when the chiro comes out. I also did not send her a conformation photo for her to see the lack of muscling visually. His right front foot was either “hot or numb”, but it wasn’t anything to worry about. She asked if he had a scar on that leg. He has a scar from removing a sarcoid tumor on his right front. On the left front, he has a scar from what looks like stepping on himself very badly before I got him. 

His stomach is good. He might like to see the chiropractor, because he told her “His neck could be longer! Both times we’ve had the chiro out he’s been VERY out in his poll. She then laughed, and told me that Simon was really funny. He told her very clearly, “My smile works really well!” He makes a lot of funny faces very often, so this made me laugh too.


Since one of Simon’s first thoughts was “Play more, more!” I asked the communicator what he thought was fun. She said there was a smaller horse or pony that he wants to be turned out with. He said, “It wouldn’t be fun to be riding with this small horse” but that he would like to be loose in the pasture with him and kick up his heels a little bit. He is OBSESSED with my trainer’s small/medium pony. Charming lives way across the farm and if Simon can see him from a distance he will stop and stare, fascinated. I believed this. When we have ridden in the ring with the pony, he’s so distracted that I have to get after him to pay attention to what I’m doing… which he hates being scolded so maybe that’s why riding with the pony wouldn’t be fun? 

He said hand grazing is fun. Duh. Simon said “going the long way instead of the short way” is really fun. He told her that he “gets physically bigger” when we go the long way, and that he likes to show off for the other horses. He likes to show me off, because he is very proud of me. This was a little spooky. There are two ways I will cool off after a ride, and the “long way” is up and down the driveway which is also in front of the horse paddocks. Simon indeed puffs up and power walks, acting like he’s an 18hh racehorse. 

He does not think trail rides are fun. He’s spooky and worried in new places out of the ring. Neither one of us enjoy it. We love arenas.


I asked about his training, and she started with very general answers. He is positive for his training. Specifically, he is very positive about walking into the ring at horse shows. He says we haven’t shown in a while. True. Last show was early June. Simon told her that he really enjoyed hearing the announcer over the intercom say his show name when he walked into the ring. He loves his show name (Something So Right) and it makes him very proud. He tends to puff up and get pretty excited at shows. Also, hearing the announcer is something I always dreamed of when I was a little kid… so he might feel that and feed off my energy too. This made me smile, and I believe it. 

I asked about the post riding routine (hosing, icing, liniment, etc) and what he thought of it. First she said he sent her images of lunging, and asked if I lunged ever. I never lunge. Hate it and so does he. Then she said he was sending her pictures of treats – something red. Maybe watermelon? He wasn’t positive on carrots, so she wasn’t sure what it was. He’s never had watermelon as far as I know, and he’s a very picky eater. His favorite treats are Mrs. Pastures which have a red lid on the bucket but that’s it. She said he likes being sprayed with the hose, and that he was “like a dog” when I sprayed him down. He hates his face being sprayed, but shows no pros or cons to me for the rest of it. He rarely shakes.

She told me that I seem to go out and see him a lot, maybe five or six days a week? I typically hit 4-5 days a week when my life isn’t in chaos.

He showed her an image of me dancing with my arms in the air holding brushes. He said that I am joyful, and I ask him what area he wants me to brush next. He gets to choose, and he thinks all of this is very fun. He considers it a fun dance. I don’t dance around at all, but I will talk to him when brushing and I will ask him what areas are itchy. If he is itchier in one area more than another, I brush that a lot more. I’m usually in a good mood during this, and am pretty playful with him. 

He was positive on icing and liniment.

Next, I asked him about my horse trainer. Now I will leave out some of his answers to protect her privacy, but I felt like it was very accurate. A bit spooky accurate. He said she was kind of strict. She asks “in her mind” before her body, and he likes that a lot. She’s not a trainer that does a lot of kicking. She is perfect for where he is at right now. She can take a horse all the way to their full potential. She is perfect for him. I have always thought she is perfect for him and I call her the “Simon whisperer”. 

I asked him about horse racing, even though I know he didn’t officially race. She said, “did he race?” because when she asked him if he was a “track horse” he said no. He did train at the track briefly, but never racedShe said they took him away from his mother too young, but he was never abused at all. He was bratty and mad at the track. He kicked his stall with his back legs and his front legs. Nothing bad happened to his mom, but it was too soon to be taken from her. He kicked a lot. He said, “They really hated the kicking!” They dismissed him, and that was perfect because he did not want to be a race horse. I’ve spoken briefly with his breeder, and they are nice people. No idea about the bratty behavior. He does kick in his stall now quite a bit during feeding time. I was told they decided not to race him because of locking stifle conformation.


Finally, she asked Simon why he came to me (I guess as the reincarnated spirit thing?) as the final question. His first answer was a joke, “It wasn’t to drain her bank account!” I’ve made several jokes about that in front of him, but what horse owner hasn’t? She asked him if it was to show me what unconditional love felt like, but he said “No, she already knows that.” True. 

Simon said he was here because I wanted to win. and he wants to win too. There was more elaboration, but basically he thinks winning is fun and he knows that we both want to do that. So that’s why he’s here with me.

Truth is, before Simon I desperately wanted to be part of the hunter/jumper world in any capacity but never really had the right horse/timing/match/finances. Now things are starting to come together, and I’ve had more success with him than any other horse. I have a lot to work on, but I’m a deeply competitive person. He also tends to light up at shows when he knows he’s done his job well, so maybe it’s true. Maybe he’s my sweet, competitive horse show buddy.

This has been a long summary, so I’ll be brief. Some of this was bogus, some of it was thought provoking and some of it was creepy. I’ll probably hire another animal communicator in the future. Maybe not this specific one (or maybe so!), but I was intrigued enough to give it another go. If nothing else, this gave me something to look forward to and smile about in a tough time. Totally worth the $95 for that alone!

31 thoughts on “Simon Speaks via Animal Communicator Part II

  1. That seems pretty on par with my experiences too – some of it is eerily true, some of it is too general or generic to really convince you, and some of it is off. Which leaves me with no real conclusion about whether it’s bogus or not, and at any rate, it’s kind of fun and I’m glad it gave you something to smile about.

    Side note: when I did this with Tucker, he had just bucked me off badly at a horse show (totally uncharacteristic of him). He “told” the communicator that I was scared because “another horse, a big bay,” had run off with me a few weeks prior. I had to laugh, because I hadn’t ridden any other horses, but that is actually something he would do – pretend it was his evil twin and not him. Kind of cute.

  2. So interesting! I definitely got chills when you described how she talked about him being big/proud taking the ‘long way’ to cool off and about how he wants to play with the ‘small horse’. But some of the stuff was totally bogus and off, too, so… still don’t know how I feel about it but it’s definitely curious!

  3. Ugh, I want to do this so badly! I’m a sucker for all sorts of mediums and eat this stuff up. Not like.. I’m gonna shell out hundreds for the psychic hotline, but I would totally pay to have Archie read. On the second hand, there’s always the fear that she would be like, your horse wants to be retired. Yesterday. So maybe ignorance is bliss.

  4. This is so fun! I’m always back and forth on these sorts of things. I’m super cynical in general, but they do get some stuff so right. Creepy. I would love to do this with my horses, but part of me is scared they’ll all hate me.

  5. I don’t believe in animal communicators (most of it seems way to generalized or incorrect to me). However, I do love reading accounts of them and have participated with them myself. I treat it like I do my horoscope: probably not real but really fun! Sounds like you had a good time with it which, in the end, is all that matters.

  6. Some of those answers are definitely pretty generic and some of them are eerily spot-on. I’m glad you had fun with it, and I hope Simon did too!

  7. Awe so sweet! I love how much he adores you, which you can tell without hearing it from an animal communicator, too ;).
    I am such a sucker for this. Maybe it is because I like to at least pretend that I know how my horse feels about me? I think it definitely gives you an interesting perspective and something to smile about :). I might have to try it! Did you share her contact info?

      1. Would love if you could share – I’ve been kicking around doing this for our dog, as we’re thinking about adding a puppy to the family and are wondering if JJ would like it or not. 🙂 🙂

  8. i wonder if some of the value from these sessions comes from opening your eyes to new potential perspectives. like, sure some of it might be generic or something that could apply to any horse or owner. but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve thought about it before, and maybe by paying more attention to different areas we can get new answers from our horses? interesting all the same!

  9. Wow. What a good experience. Crazy how she could get so accurate with somethings and be so off with others. I kinda want to try this now.

  10. A part of me has always wanted to try this! I think it would be really interesting, and fun at least. That said – there’s really only one horse I’d want to communicate with, and that’s my old first pony whom I have since lost track of. I really just want to know if he remembers me/thinks of me – but of course, any animal communicator would probably say that immediately if I let on that I haven’t seen him in years!

  11. Well, definitely interesting. 🙂 I’m not likely to jump on the band wagon in the near future (because I only spend money on tack, apparently), but I’ve loved reading through this.

  12. When you decide to use another animal communicator, get in touch with me. The woman I used was spot on about 90% and she didn’t fluff piece stuff together. Part of the stuff she missed was her trying to interpret information she didn’t have and interpreting it incorrectly. I understood what Ashke was trying to say, since I had the insider track.

    Some of what your communicator said could be generalized information she routinely uses: speaking spanish is one that stands out, since a lot of stable workers are hispanic.

    My experience was most excellent. We didn’t talk about prior barns, but we did touch on his history. A lot of it made sense and there was a difference in our relationship afterwards. It would be interesting to revisit.

    1. Karen, would you be willing to share her contact info privately? Thinking about doing this for my dog. 🙂

  13. How very interesting! I’ve always wondered about this stuff… This is a really great review. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I’ve LOVED reading about this. It’s so crazy how wrong she was about some stuff… but how RIGHT she was about others. Really makes you wonder if she truly can communicate with Simon, and he just sees some things differently, or is she makes it all up.

    Either way, I have to admit, I kind of want to try it myself!

  15. Glad you were able to think of something fun to treat yourself too (and Simon too)! I had Pearl done a few weeks ago as well, with a similar outcome… some of it was spot on (soundness issues that I know about, I talk to her and ask what she thinks of what we’re doing that day), some of it was off base (when I said there was absolutely no way my registered Trakehner mare had had a b&w paint for a dam, she said P might’ve been speaking about a past life… not sure what I think about that), some of it was true but generic (she’s very happy where she lives now, she likes to jump and trail ride), and some of it was very sweet so I’ll choose to believe it because it makes me happy! Weirdly enough, the thing that makes me most inclined to believe in is there have been some bigger threads on COTH where pretty well-respected posters give their experiences, and I just feel like horse people are fairly no-bullshit in general, so if that many people believe in it, there has to be some basis for it?

  16. I would love to have an animal communicator out, just for fun too. It’s interesting how some things can be so spot on and others off. But even if this lady was just guessing, she did a pretty good job.

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