Simon Speaks via Animal Communicator Part I

Simon Speaks via Animal Communicator Part I

For months now, I’ve been wanting to hire an animal communicator for Simon. I’m not chasing answers to any mystery problems, but I’ve been genuinely curious about animal communicators from the first moment I knew they were existed. At the time, I was saving money for the Europe trip that didn’t happen so I decided no communicator for me. Then everything went down with Tim, and my life became a bit chaotic financially… so the session slipped even further down the priority list.

A week or so ago, my grandmother sent me a check for $100 with a note that said,”I wasn’t sure to whether to donate to Austin Pets Alive or send this to you… so I sent it to you to use for a fun memorial.”

I thought, I know something fun… and made an appointment.

The short story? 30% of what she said was flat out wrong or too far fetched to believe, 50% was a “Hmmm… that sounds right,” and 20% was so accurate I was genuinely creeped out a little bit. Overall I would say that I am a believer and I would call again, but here are the details…


Before I start, let me say that I signed up for this appointment with my maiden name so she would not immediately find this blog. I also texted her images versus email so she never saw “Mauldin” anywhere. I sent her Simon’s name (Simon), his age (9) and two photos. One was the photo of him and I in the right hand column of my blog, and the 2nd was from the Dy’On photoshoot.

During the call I took 3 pages of notes. Below are what we talked about as well as my comments in bold.

When we first started the session, she said that first she would tell me the initial things Simon was offering her. Right off the bat she said that we have been together a short time, less than a year. This is incorrect, I’ve had him three years.

She told me that Simon is a reincarnation of an animal from my past – could have been one that I owned or a friend or neighbor’s animal. He does not necessarily have the same personality of that animal, but he wanted to be with my human energy again. She said this is a compliment to me. He wanted to come back and “try something different” and the timeline doesn’t exactly have to line up with death and birth because animals can “join into” other animals. This is pretty hocus pocus, but I haven’t ruled out reincarnation as a general idea. I did ride a horse named Doodles I was very close to as a kid, but there’s no telling.


Next he said that he wants to, “Play more, more, more!” I believe this. Home boy does not like a vigorous flat school session.

He is very full of emotion for me, and it made her tear up on the phone. His fondness of me is very heartfelt, and he is cheered up when I am around. I love this horse, so of course I want to believe this is true.

He sent her images of a dark cloud. It could be physical storms or emotional fear/worry. Well this is a super general statement, but I think anyone would describe my current situation as a dark cloud.

The word he chooses to describe himself is “Valiant.” Communicator said she didn’t know what this word meant and had never used it before (said she looked it up in the dictionary), so it 100% came from him. I can see him thinking that he is valiant – especially when he’s done well. Plus he’s always been a brave horse over fences. This made me smile.


He’s broken hearted about a young girl who used to ride him, and wants to know what happened to her. This is when I first got the “Oh snap” feeling. Simon was ridden by a teenager at his previous barn for at least a year before I got him. She was super gentle with him, and took him under her wing more than anyone else had. I hadn’t given any information to let the communicator know this at all.

She said she got a weird feeling in her teeth while talking to him, and thinks Simon should see a dentist. He also insists that he is 10, not 9. This is pretty bogus to me. He sees a great equine dentist every spring who told me “he had a lovely mouth”. I also have several official documents stating he is 9 years old… maybe he is confused 🙂

This animal communicator checks horses for trapped emotions. She described trapped emotions as something that occurs and is too much for the animal to overcome, so their subconscious traps the feeling. She claims to identify these emotions and then free them. Simon had two trapped emotions, which is unusual. The first is a lot of anxiety which she said came from when he was 7 or 8 years old and went through a thunderstorm in a horse trailer. The second is being overwhelmed, because when he was 6 or 7 he was ridden by someone who was emotionally abused and it was too much for him to handle. I can’t remember Simon ever being trailered in a thunderstorm, but it’s possible. He is quite an anxious horse overall, so that part makes sense. It’s also feasible that someone who was emotionally abused rode him before me, but I wouldn’t be able to make any claims to that.


These were her immediate thoughts/feelings from him, and took about twenty minutes to get through. Before we dived into my questions, she/he had two general questions for me. First, he asked what I thought of him. This is when I started to cry, because I am an emotional basketcase these days and I just kind of choked out, “He is the best.” She said that he “teared up” which I don’t really understand because last time I checked horses can’t cry… anyway.

Then he asked what my long term plans were with him. Would I be his forever home or not? I told him that although there may be a time in the future where I don’t ride him for a while or he might even go to another barn (like a lease situation), but I would always own him and he would always be my horse. I will make sure nothing bad ever happens to him.

“Simon” said that he wasn’t worried about that, but he was glad to know my plans. She said he had images of potential a future different rider, and that made him confused about what my intentions were. He was happy to know that he would be my “forever” horse. She said the next time I see Simon, he would greet me in a more affectionate way than normal and I would notice the difference.

The rest of the call was for my questions and some “back and forth” conversation, which were much more specific and gave me some “Ah ha” moments. This post has gotten quite long, so I’m going to break the post up into two parts. Stay tuned on Monday for the Simon “Q&A” session with the animal communicator!

36 thoughts on “Simon Speaks via Animal Communicator Part I

  1. I can’t decide how I feel about this animal communicator thing. hahaha. The Simon having visions of a future rider made me wonder. Not only is she able to communicate with Simon through the air, but he’s a psychic? Weird… 😉 I would be interested in doing this with Copper if only because I’ve known him 7 of his 8 years and my close friend knew him the other year. There would be so mysteries to uncover…in theory…lol

    1. I’m not sure. I’ve definitely thought/talked about leasing him out in the future (if/when I need a different horse for showing) when I was around the barn and around him. So if horses can really ‘hear’ thoughts like that, then it would make sense.

  2. I had a communicator talk to Promise years ago, and I was blown away by some of the things she said. Like telling me about the horse in the stall next to Promise, who had pretty bad arthritis. I didn’t even know the horse had arthritis at the time of the call!

  3. Very interesting! I have always been very skeptical of animal communicators, but this woman definitely hit a few things on the head. I loved that Simon called himself “valiant” too. He is a brave, noble steed 🙂

  4. So … the animal communicator doesn’t meet the animal in person? I’m completely fascinated by this whole thing and want to try it for fun! For pony and pup.

  5. I’ve used one before and as you said, some things are eerily correct. I do think that some animals are very able to make their needs/wants/feelings known to some people – not always their owners! I’m glad you got the chance to try one and enjoyed it. Plus I love Simon’s “valiant” statement… so true!

  6. I think the teeth thing is a go-to for all animal communicators. It seems like every post I read from people who have had it done, the communicator mentions something about their teeth.

    Also, I’m obsessed with reading these. If I had the spare money, I’d totally do it just for funsies.

  7. My friend who owns the barn where my horses live was talking about hiring an animal communicator a few months ago! She said that her dressage trainer spoke with one once; it sounded pretty similar to how you describe- some things flat out wrong, some things that are believable, and something things that were super, creepily accurate. (In her case, the communicator described an exercise trail that wrapped the property, without ever having seen the property.)

    I don’t think I’d want to know what Gina has to say about me. 😉

  8. Hmm. Interesting. I’m still not sure how I feel about animal communicators. Maybe I should look into having one come out even if just for entertainment. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

  9. Several years ago, a trainer I was working with got very into animal communication. Like really, REALLY into it. When Tris and I hit a rough patch she used “messages” from Tristan, via the animal communicator, to try to bully me into selling him, telling me that he was clearly miserable, “emotionally dead,” and that I should move on and get a horse I deserved. I can still remember crying for literally hours after talking to her. I haven’t really talked to that trainer since, and she and I were very close. So I have a really bad taste in my mouth about the whole industry, to say the least. 🙁 I’m glad it’s something you were able to do and that you got something out of.

    1. Oh, sad! I get the impression that this woman is smart enough to ‘communicate’ pretty positive things about the animal and the owner. After all, if people are willing to pay that to ‘speak’ with their animal chances are they love it VERY much!

  10. I don’t buy into this AT all (sorry to be a naysayer!) . But I am glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I like hearing you talk about the experience. 🙂

  11. Yeah let us know if he greets you differently! I need to call someone and get them to have wiz tell me what the heck is up.

  12. Fun fact, I used to work as a bookkeeper for a legit psychic, so I’m a believer that there are people out there with special gifts for this kind of thing. Glad you got to have this experience and I’m looking forward to part 2. I’m also interested to know who you used – perhaps you would be willing to FB message me? (Sarah Rune)

  13. Going thru the steps you did to keep her from doing any prior ‘research’ and speaking over the phone so she wasn’t ‘reading’ your body language are definitely things to keep things where they should be. If they are legit and tell you things that are spot on, there’s something there to believe in. Otherwise it’s like they are reading the horoscopes out of the Sunday paper and it is typically so vague and generalized it could apply to anyone.

    I am skeptical of a lot of things and have had horses and dogs alike ‘speak’ to me. I may only ever get one sentence out of them ever, but it is fascinating when it happens.

  14. I am glad you experienced this and can’t wait to read the second part. We used one years ago and had two horses and our dog read. She needed no pictures, it was just a phone call. Mom said her voice even changed with the different animals. The information she gave was pretty spot on, even if it took years for the actual reason to make sense to us.

  15. I find it really interesting to read about too, I don’t think I’d do it myself because I’m a skeptic but I love reading about everyone’s experiences! I think anything that helps horses and riders connect on various levels is great, even if it’s not exactly what it claims to be, if it helps the riders and/or horses, I’m on board.

  16. This is interesting. Not sure whether I 100 percent believe in this sort of stuff, but I’m not a skeptic and I love to keep an open mind, and think its very possible that it could be real seeing how she was right about some things. I can’t wait to read the next part!

  17. I’ve used a couple of animal communicators in the past.. and didn’t get really great results. Now, human psychics? I’ve found a few who were scary accurate.

  18. idk sometimes i would love to know what izzy is thinking, what’s on her mind. but other times? no i actually really would rather not know what she has to say about me! lol but it’s all very interesting all the same – curious to read about part 2!

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