Show Me Your Barn Blog Hop

Show Me Your Barn Blog Hop

I love my barn, so I figured this blog hop would be a good opportunity to show it off!  Plus, it’s really neat to see the different places that everyone rides.  There is a lot of variation per disciplines and location.

View of the Barn


There’s actually four barns on the property, but this is a shot of the main one as you’re walking from the parking area to it.

Horse’s Living Space

Simon has had several different stalls on the property, but here are his current digs in the main barn where I predict he’ll stay for quite a while.

View of the Tack Room

I don’t have a picture of our actual tack rooms, but I do have lots of pictures of the cross ties in the grooming aisle.  I love them!  Spacious and plenty of options so you can find a space even when the barn is busy.  Plus fans overhead for hot summer days.




View of Where We Ride

We have two rings, the dirt ring and the grass ring.  Mostly we’re in the dirt ring, but the grass ring dries faster so that’s the wet day go to and I like to hack out there for a change of pace.  Occasionally, we’ll do a derby type lesson over the log derby jumps 🙂  My favorite!






My Favorite Feature(s)

I really can’t pick just one!  There is a lot I love about the barn.  Pulling into the driveway always washes a sense of excitement and happiness.


I love that my horse gets semi-individual turnout.  He’s in a large grass paddock with one other buddy and a large round bale.  Plus, he gets tons of turnout per day… can’t beat that!




Also when you’re done riding, you can cool out by walking around the property.  It’s our version of trail riding 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this little insight to where Simonpants lives!

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15 thoughts on “Show Me Your Barn Blog Hop

  1. Ohh love this idea, as soon as i get over this plague im so doing this. I might be late but i will get it done. Love that feeling of driving onto the farm, i do get excited every….single…. time. It never gets old.

  2. This is a fun way to see how everyone lives. I LOVE looking at barns and how everyone has their stuff organized. Yours is a very nice place and looks quite friendly!

    My post is ready to go for tomorrow (if I can get everything to link up right :0)

  3. That _is_ quite a driveway! Love the grooming area; I’ve always been places with crossties in the aisles and usually I just end up tacking in the stall because the high-traffic crossties are a pain in the neck.

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