Junk In Your Trunk Blog Hop

Junk In Your Trunk Blog Hop

As soon as I saw this awesome blog hop from Viva Carlos I knew I had to participate.

I’m kind of obsessed with my tack trunk.  Even though I know that one piece of tack or equipment does not make or break a rider by any means, I still always thought a vinyl tack trunk would help me “belong” in the hunter world.  I got mine as a very generous Christmas gift when I was in college, and it’s probably one of my favorite presents ever.  They’re so well made and it will last forever (especially when I get a cover for it soon).  The colors are from my barn in NC, and even though it says “Upton” on the front vinyl I promise I didn’t steal it.  That’s just my maiden name, and part of me wants to get the whole thing re-vinyled but it’s quite expensive and I’m just going to start with a cover.


The best thing about the trunk is that it is large.  Large as in it holds all of my stuff except for my helmet (leave out to dry bc I have a sweaty head apparently), my bridle, my saddle and saddle pads.


It looks chaotic, but it’s kinda organized.


The left side is in layers for what I might need during my time at the barn.


Top layer is paddock boots and half chaps if I’m not riding in my tall boots.


Then we have all of Simon’s boots.


Then we have the tack cleaning/bathing bucket o’ stuff.


And the rest is kinda no man’s land/only when I need to dig for something.


Right side is very organized with my grooming tote of products on top, and standing wraps/polo wraps/clippers underneath.


I am still growing the product collection.  The product collection is never complete!


Underneath the middle tray are some baby pads I don’t use, my show halter, and more standing wraps.  You can never have too many no bow standing wraps.


I didn’t lay the stuff out on the top tray because I was ready to go home, but it’s a little bit of everything.  The smaller tubberware is my first aid/medical kit with various drugs and first aid stuff.  There are also brushes in this top tray as well as my fly bonnet collection, spurs, gloves, and things necessary for showing/extras.

So there you have it!  Very cool blog hop indeed 🙂

8 thoughts on “Junk In Your Trunk Blog Hop

  1. I so need to do this blog hop but I feel my stuff is really disorganized! Your trunk is muy bonita! I would so not fit in at a hunter barn unfortunately.

  2. It’s very interesting to see how everyone organizes their tack at the barn. I’m on the lookup for a new set up right now so this blog hop has been extremely informative. Plus- I love organization!

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