Romanov Derpykins

Romanov Derpykins

might be getting a little blogging mojo back. Let’s hope this is the case, because like most things… blogging is connected to my overall mojo and happiness. I was talking to a friend at dinner last night when she said she thought that Texas gave people reverse seasonal affliction disorder. It’s so hot in the summer that we get depressed. Whether it’s weather related or a cluster of things, I’ve been operating lower than I hope to be for the past few weeks. As always I press on and hope it passes. At least today, things are better.

Anyway enough of that and onto the main event – y’all are way overdue for Roman pictures. I am still hoping to get some “real” pictures of him to announce his arrival (late) and get a basis for before & after, however scheduling and my motivation level (see previous paragraph) has kind of stopped that from happening. What I do have is a series of pictures that shows off my hunter donkey.

His hashtag on instagram may be #romanovponykins, but these are a lot more like Romanov Derpykins. I can see why two owners before called this horse “Larry”.

Am I Larry or Roman? #identitycrisis
“Am I Larry or Roman?” #identitycrisis
"They called me Roman because of my Roman nose, didn't they?" (Yes)
“They called me Roman because of my Roman nose, didn’t they?” (Yes)
"It's not that bad :("
“It’s not that bad :(“
"Treats in here?????"
“Treats in here?????”
"I like sunset because sunset make Roman look pretty!"
“I like sunset because sunset make Roman look pretty!” (Not really)
"My name is Roman and I horse. I horse things."
“My name is Roman and I horse. I horse things.”

Because I am vain and I want all of my animals to look like stunning beauties all the time, these pictures kill me a little inside. You’ll have to take my word for it that my future hunter is somewhat attractive in real life… really… I promise.

I’m not worried about his lack of pristine hunter beauty at the moment. Partially because I got the most amazing gift in the mail this week…

Thank you SO MUCH Genny and Tracy!
Thank you SO MUCH Genny and Tracy!

Also, about four years ago I had another skinny and non-photogenic nerd horse on my hands. He was gangly, under muscled and couldn’t trot a circle without motorcycling. Now look at him 😀

3'6" = No Problemo
3’6″ = No Problemo (PS any photos here on out on the blog with Simon’s leasee are not up for any equitation critique as I am obviously not the rider. She’s amazing! End of story.)

Simon is the world’s most beautiful horse in my eyes and makes my heart swell every day. I have no doubt I’ll feel similarly about Romanov Derpykins with more time.

31 thoughts on “Romanov Derpykins

  1. Wow those kneeeeeeeeeees on Simon! Holy cow! Blogger friends are the best, and I’m so happy you’re getting your mojo back. I feel like I don’t know Roman nearly well enough yet!

  2. Simon looks INCREDIBLE!! So, so happy he has found a person who will help him shine in the jumper ring! And Roman… how could you not love that sweet, kind, derptastic face?!

  3. I feel you on the derp pictures…my girl is also much more attractive in real life, but what can I say, I look like an idiot in pictures too.
    Mr Romanov is gorgeous and I’m sure will only get more so , look at the amazing job you did with Simon 🙂

  4. I knew a guy named Roman in college who was a fiery redhead and a bit of derp himself, though also an incredibly intelligent and lovely human. So Romans name suits him perfectly to me.

    And SIMON!! Looks like the Nerd Horse has been going to school!

  5. Yay! Finally some Roman pics! We’ve been waiting 🙂 Those brushes = Amazing. Also, Simon-pants looks happy and well, so yay for a great leasee for him!

  6. Wow Simon holy moley!

    Also – I 125% agree with seasonal depression in Texas in the summer, because I have gone through it. I go through it whenever I don’t get enough sun, and in the summer in Texas, we’re all hiding indoors – so it’s totally legit.

  7. I love BOTH your ponies. They both look handsome (though I agree, some of Roman’s photos are a bit derpy…). I have some super derp photos of Rio, but he won’t let me post them. He’s afraid it will damage his supermodel reputation. But do expect to see some derp from Jampy on Wednesday!

  8. Gah, Roman’s nose is just SO CUTE! I’m sure the rest of him will catch up to his adorable face in no time.

    And Simon… damn, he’s da bomb

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