Red on Black

Red on Black

Sometimes blogging is a chore.

Last week I had 0 motivation to get content up.  While I usually have several posts in a queue in case there’s nothing current to say, my well ran dry last week and I had no desire to build it back up.  This week I actually do have some post ideas, but spending some r&r time with the husband is more important.


So you get my handsome Simon.



The post processing on these is pretty quick & dirty with my iPad app vs Photoshop, but they’re still some of the best black background shots that I’ve taken of him.



Last summer I wrote a tutorial on how to take basic equine black background shots.  If you like these, they’re really not that hard to do.



Simon makes a pretty good model for headshots, but every now and then he gets the need to make faces.


By the end of our photoshoot yesterday, he let me know that a flash strap is not his favorite.



Still, I love the new bridle (review post soon!) and more importantly I love these pictures of my favorite nerd horse.



Though I do have to say, he looks a lot less nerdy here than normal.

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