Goodbye Black Beauty

Goodbye Black Beauty

I’ve never had a sunshine and rainbows relationship with my horse.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t loved them, or that we haven’t expected each other or did cool things together… but a Black Beauty relationship it was not.

Not this...
Not this…

Simon however, has been the exception to this rule.  He is my Black Beauty. When I come to the barn, he whickers to me… almost without fail. As soon as he sees my car or me walking up I get this big hearty whinny that warms my heart. When I turn him out, he hangs around for cuddles and treats and watches me go at the fence line. I always thought he was a horse that enjoyed the company of people more than other horses.


This is where we insert the hysterical laughing. BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I was wrong, so wrong.

Simon had a training ride Monday, where he was reported to have been fantastic.  Tuesday he had the day off because I thought it was going to rain, but he deserved it because he’s been working hard and being so good.  I was excited to ride last night, and this is pretty much a summary of what happened.


He was inverted, hot, evasive, spooky… basically everything he is usually not.  To top it all off, frankly he pissed me off and I started riding shitty and over using my hands – which is something I hate doing.  We walk/trot/cantered and somehow found a positive note to end on, before I turned him out (without treats mind you!).

Sweaty naughty horse is naughty.
Sweaty naughty horse is naughty.

As I turned him out, I realized that I was a crack head thinking he was my Black Beauty horse.  Now that he has lots of turnout and a buddy, he’s stopped depending on me so much and acting like a normal horse.  Plus last night we were pissed at each other, which didn’t make things better.  I turned him out with his buddy, Oliver, and he quickly walked away to give me the cold shoulder.

This is Oliver and I love him more than you Mom.
This is Oliver and I love him more than you Mom.

I watched him ignore me for a bit, and chatted with Oliver before leaving.  Oliver as it turns out, is super duper friendly.  He’s also 17hh+ and chunky and gorgeous.  He probably jumps 3′ and does auto changes, and he loves me (and everyone else).  Maybe he is my Black Beauty?

"Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!  I'm Oliver!  I love you!" As Simon ignores us both and eats.
“Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi! I’m Oliver! I love you!” As Simon ignores us both and eats.

Sigh.  Today is another day I suppose!  Maybe I won’t ride like crap this time.

23 thoughts on “Goodbye Black Beauty

  1. I thought, oh, my horse loves me sooo much! this winter, because every time I came to the barn Wiz would hear my car and whinny and come to the gate! Well, now I’ve been replaced with… grass! It was fun to come in when it was rainy and muddy outside and there was no grass. Now, not so much 🙂 Fickle creatures!

  2. Oh my, I hate that feeling you get when you realize you’re riding badly because your horse is being a jerk. It’s a vicious cycle! Good on you for finding a good note to end on, though.

  3. This is the story of my life with Cash. One day, I was the Best Thing Ever. The next, he wouldn’t give me the time of day. Treats didn’t matter, grooming didn’t matter, turnout didn’t matter. Maybe he’s an introvert and just didn’t feel like being social? IDK. Ponies, sigh.

    And is it just me, or does Simon already look like he’s filling out a bit?

    1. He does! We moved back up to our “fat” girth. I think I have just been spoiled by his over the top amazing temperament during this transition period. We were over due a bad day.

  4. Red is a people kind of horse. If he sees me outside, he ditches his buddies and runs over to me, but if “his” mare, Bay, is with him, he is less excited to see me and leave. I suppose Red is kind of a black beauty horse, but I think the majority of that is from his training. You can’t be a lesson horse for young children if you don’t like people. Rofl!

  5. Haha. This shouldn’t be so funny, but I think it happens to us all at the best of times. Walker is the only horse in the paddock who won’t come to me when I go to the gate – the only one out of 8. I always say it is because he knows EXACTLY who I am and what I have in store for him. I think they love us, but to them, we’re just one of the herd – one of many.

  6. Ohhhh man, I feel you. My mom still thinks that we’re living in Black Beauty, I’m pretty sure. Lex likes me fine, but there is nothing she likes more than food!

  7. Yup, Lily prefers all other horses to me. Jez is kind of like Oliver. Lol even nickers at me when my own mare won’t. I once even tried conditioning Lily to whinny at me by offering a treat every time I pulled up to the barn & she came outside. We did this for MONTHS! It made no difference.

  8. I hate those bad rides. I always feel terrible after. Sorry to hear this but at least you finished on a good note!!

  9. What was his turnout situation like before?

    I really hate those rides when you walk away feeling awful about it and can’t wait for a do-over. I hope your next ride is better! 🙂

    1. From Jan – March he got 0 turnout (stall rest). Starting mid April he got limited turnout and that continued until I moved him. At old barn he was on a varying schedule from 2 hours a day to 10 hours… just depends. Now he is out from 4pm approx to 8-9am approx.

  10. I hate that feeling, when the horse just won’t do what’s asked and the rider looks horrible. I used to feel that a lot at the previous barn I was at! I’m sure Simon loves you but he just has his off days too.

  11. Ohhh been there, had that ride. While TRP and I were compadres, she had no problem explaining where I ranked in the list of “Shit That’s Important to TRP.” Basically, food, equine friends, sleeping…then me 🙂 But, bless her, she knew when I’d had a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, and that’s where she shined. Sounds like Simon took a human-loving vacation day.

  12. Definitely guilty as charged, unfortunately… Limerick is really good at pissing me off in such a way that I want to seriously overuse my hands/rip his face off. I mostly refrain, of course, but I’m definitely in that situation on a fairly regular basis! As for Black Beauty, Limerick manages to keep his loves pretty well balanced. He definitely has his one buddy that he gets pretty attached to and I’ve never heard him nicker at/for me, but he’s super affectionate once I have him on his own. Oliver is adorable, as is Simon 🙂

  13. Oliver is gorgeous!! I wouldn’t kick him out of my barn.

    Emma didn’t get the black beauty memo either. She and Simon are very similar colors… When I saw that picture of him grazing I did a double take! Love a bright/blood bay!

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