How to Start Getting Your Mojo Back

How to Start Getting Your Mojo Back

I’ve had several lessons and good rides since ‘the incident‘, but even so nothing has felt quite normal.  Either I’ve been worried or Simon has seem worried (most likely because I am). I’ve been riding defensively and either going too fast, too slow, leaning or getting left behind.  Nothing tragic has happened, but nothing has really felt good either.

The derby ended up getting entirely cancelled due to rain, which I have mixed feelings about.  However after my lesson on Sunday, I realized that all things do work out for a reason. We had a great ride and I am starting to feel like myself again over fences.

In case you’re a chicken like me, I figured I’d share these easy to follow tips to try and get your mojo back.

First, DIY your horse a kick ass bonnet and put on his new fancy bridle from Europe.


Bonus points for matching saddle pad and fancy show boots.


Start small.


No really… small!


Find your horse’s happy canter.  Pro tip – it’s not running around fast and strung out because “you need momentum to get over the jumps.”


Get a good reminder about why leaning is BAD.


Ask your trainer to put the giant noodle oxer of doom down to a crossrail.  Then a vertical.  Baby steps people… Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Remember how good it feels when you provide leg and support every stride coming up to the perfect distance.


Realize how much more secure you feel with your leg position.  Maybe you shouldn’t retire after all?


Get some emotional support from your favorite barn dog.  I jump, he jumps, we jump!


Feel amazing about yourself when you get over the giant noodle oxer of doom.


Later you’ll look at the pictures and realize it wasn’t giant at all, but that’s why there’s always another lesson 🙂

32 thoughts on “How to Start Getting Your Mojo Back

  1. Looking good!!!
    And a fantastic progression. Another hundred jumps like this and you’ll both be world beaters. 🙂

    Andcan I just say I am IN LOVE with that bridle? It makes me want one, except I already know Courage can’t wear that style. SAD FREAKING DAY.

  2. Dude, I love each and every one of those last four photos -they are BEAUTIFUL! And I ain’t just saying that.

    This post made me happy, if I were in Texas I’d give you a big ol’ high five. 🙂

  3. Um. You guys look Awesome. For reals. The pic of you jumping after the sentence “Remember how good it feels when you provide leg and support every stride coming up to the perfect distance.”

    New. Favorite. Pic. Badass!!!

  4. I so needed to read this right now. Glad you found some Mojo and how awesome he doesn’t care about things like noodle oxers, Holly would loose her cookies.

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