Ponies in Japan

Ponies in Japan

Usually when I’m traveling, people around me here this a lot.


You know, every time I see a pony… which is fairly often. Europe has tons of carriage horses. Typically you’ll see at least one farm traveling by train, and find a fat cob grazing in a field. However, Japan was pretty short on ponies.

In fact, I didn’t see a live, breathing pony the entire time. So this post is contrived, because it contains no actual ponies.

There were paper cutout ponies…

Pony armor

Uncomfortable pony saddles

Clay ponies

Ponies on buildings

Ponies in subways

Castles where ponies used to be

and robot ponies.

But no actual ponies, so I sure was ready to come home to this guy by the end of two weeks.

Japan — great country, but super low on ponies.

6 thoughts on “Ponies in Japan

  1. I just looked at the pony stalls and those flimsy little “barriers” to keep them in and thought, wow, Japanese ponies must be WAY more well-behaved because that would contain a haffie for like 2 seconds flat.

  2. I bet Simon was happy to see you too! He was probably wondering where you were and if you were seeing other ponies? He can rest assured, obviously you weren’t. Lol

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