Do You Like Ponies?

Do You Like Ponies?

As I’m sure you can imagine, I talk about horses a lot. My late husband, like most horse husbands, was subjected to his fair share of pony talk. Sometimes when I would start to rattle off about a lesson or horse show coming up, he would interrupt me with a straight face.

“Wait a second – do you like ponies or hate ponies? I can never keep it straight.”

Even though he did this often, it always made me smile. The joke wasn’t made because he was annoyed at my obsession, but more because he liked seeing me happy about my hobby.

After he died, I found some scribbled notes in a notebook in Tim’s handwriting. I checked everything I’ve found that he wrote, because you never know what might be important. Most notebooks are math equations from grad school or programming notes from work, but this one was a workout schedule for the two of us. Next to days that I ride, he wrote “Ponies!”

It made me think of a happier time. Do I like ponies or hate ponies? Well, I still like ponies.

So I got it tattooed yesterday.


This won’t be the last tattoo I have in memory of Tim, but it’s the first and something I knew I wanted immediately. When I lose my way, I can look down and see a part of him glancing up at me. If I get too sad, I can take a look at my foot and remember what happiness feels like.

53 thoughts on “Do You Like Ponies?

  1. This is precious. I haven’t thought of any tattoos I would want personally, but I feel like this is something that would change my mind. Love it!

  2. It looks awesome Lauren. Can’t wait to see it (and you and need horse and doggies) in a little more than a month!)

  3. Love it! When I first saw this photo on my blog feed, before I read your post, I thought… I wonder why Lauren wrote ‘Ponies!’ on her foot with a ballpoint pen…
    What a great story and I love the tattoo in memory of Tim. The tattoo artist did a great job! I thought it was real handwriting when I first glanced at it. 🙂

  4. I have a similar handwriting tattoo in the same spot on my left foot. It’s a note my dad wrote me in 1st grade when I called him, bawling, because I forgot my milk money at home. We lost him 5 years ago this month, and I *love* being able to look down and see his little note to me.

  5. Love it. After one of my horses died very unexpectedly, I got a tattoo to remember her by. I felt like I was sewing a piece of her onto my soul.

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