The Wonderful & Whacky Ponies on Netflix

The Wonderful & Whacky Ponies on Netflix

We cancelled our cable subscription several years ago, and have been relying on just Netflix and Hulu for TV.  It works out really well, because I don’t like to watch a ton of TV.  Cable is really expensive, and when you factor in high speed internet plus a premium cable package (for BBC America, obviously) my bill ended up being huge.  I’ve been cable free for over three years, and I really don’t miss it.

Since I’ve watched every available episode of Shark Tank, Restaurant Startup and MasterChef on Hulu… I went trolling Netflix for pony material.  Some of the stuff I found was cool and some was crazy, but I figured other horse lovers might like these findings.


From the TV shows I listed above, you can probably see that I’m a fan of reality TV.  I know it’s not for everyone, but even if you’re meh on reality television I suggest you check out Undercover Boss – Churchill Downs.  The premise is pretty simple – COO of Churchill Downs goes undercover and works low paying jobs in both the front side and back side of the track.  It’s not an earth shattering way to spend 45 minutes of your life, but it’s interesting to see a bit of the behind the scenes of America’s most famous race track.


In the realm of ‘totally weird’ we have a Netflix original, Bo-Jack Horseman.  It’s in the Adult Swim comic style, and zany but pretty fun.  The storyline centers around Bo-Jack, who’s a 90’s sitcom star who’s washed out 20 years later.  Since it’s a cartoon, Bo-Jack is also a horse.  Mostly he sits around drinking beer and complaining that he’s getting fat.  Also, he looks like Simon.  I enjoyed watching one episode, because it made me wonder what kind of alcohol Simon would like if he were a horse person.  So if you want strange thoughts like that, check this out.

The best part about looking for horse shows on Netflix, is that I re-discovered the Animorphs television series.  Since I am an uber dork, I was obsessed with those books as a kid.  Now at almost 30, I’m watching the show and wishing I could turn into any animal I wanted.  Fun times for all!

Do you have any favorite horsey picks on Netflix or Hulu?[

21 thoughts on “The Wonderful & Whacky Ponies on Netflix

  1. We’ve been cable free for two years now and love it.

    There used to be more, actually, but Netflix has pulled a lot down. Most of the Saddle Club episodes were up (not sure if they still are; Netflix is not playing nicely with our Roku right now) and MacLeod’s Daughters is about a ranching family in, I think, Australia. There’s also that racing show about the girl…ummmmm…crap. Not going to remember. Girl gets out of juvie to work on a race farm and falls in love with one horse in particular. The first few episodes were fun.

    1. Yeah, I used to actually find a lot more horse movies on Netflix than I can currently. I had meant for this post to be a longer list, but decided it wasn’t worth it to keep searching.

  2. ANIMORPHS IS ON NETFLIX! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! When Dad and I moved into our new house, there was still cable… And then they realized we were paying so unhooked it which I was TOTALLY cool with. Living off Netflix and I’m running out of things to watch. I’m down to the “finding God” horse movies now and feel guilty for not going to Church… But now that I know Animorphs is on… I’m stoked!

  3. Do they have the Canadian horse drama Heartland?? Great show, like 7 seasons now. Some of the ‘horse whisperer’ part can get a little hokey, but my husband and I love the show.

  4. I have nothing to add to the conversation about horsey stuff on Netflix (I am currently re-watching Alias) but Bo-Jack does totally look like Simon! You should be getting royalties 🙂

  5. I LOVED Animorphs! And Wildfire! I read all of the Heartland books so I really couldn’t get into the T.V. show version of it. Too different. I also don’t have cable, but I also don’t have Netflix right now… I want to watch Animorphs! *pout* Right now I have Amazon Prime because my husband got a great student discount so it was a really good deal for a whole year. 🙂

  6. If I weren’t a hockey fan, I’d probably “unhook” cable.

    TCM seems to have 3-10 equine related movies/month.

  7. OMG I was completely obsessed with the Animorphs books too! You have no idea how happy this makes me knowing that they are on Netflix (Ok, maybe you do lol!) Now to get my sister to lend me access….

  8. Every time I see a ‘horse-y” movie on Netflix I add it to my instant que. I recently watched one called “And They’re Off” which combines two of my favorite things Mocumentaries and Thoroughbred horse racing. It was pretty funny. And I’d watch it again.
    I also have plenty of very questionable horse movies in my que. There is one in particular called Nico the Unicorn which is about a rescue horse that gives birth to a foal which turns out to be a Unicorn.

  9. I am OBSESSED with Bo-Jack. I love him so much.

    Also, I watched a doc a while back called “Jockeys” I believe. Really good. Netflix is where its at! Screw cable.

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