Photography Friday – Arabians

Photography Friday – Arabians

Once upon a time I was a poor college kid (or recently out of college) with a little equine photography business, and I took my first paying farm call.  The owner wanted some pictures of her saddleseat bred Arabians trotting liberty for a sales ad.  Being young and fresh, the horses offered up a lot more galloping and trotting but it sure led to some beautiful photos.

Even though arabians aren’t “my breed”, these are still some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.










21 thoughts on “Photography Friday – Arabians

  1. Will you come to Tennessee and take some pictures of my Quarter Horse??????? LOL! These are gorgeous!! I’m not really over fond of Arab’s for some reason, they’ve always seemed “fake” looking and I don’t really like their size. Guess I’m too used to my tank-like horses, but these are beautiful!! Had to show them to my mother. 🙂 She’s a huge Arabian lover.

  2. Arabs aren’t my breed either but I can’t deny how beautiful they are when they’re in full prancing mode! That must have been a fun shoot and you came away with gorgeous pictures.

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