Pascale the Not so Puppy Update

Pascale the Not so Puppy Update

There’s been a lot of dog drama in my house in the past year, and because of that my dog blogging has been pretty much focused on my ongoing spaniel drama.  Today we’ve got to change that and give y’all and update on little miss Pascale, the puppy that got dropped off at my barn last September.

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this, but when we took her to the first vet appointment we were told that she would mature to be about 40 pounds.  I mean when we got her, she was about 11 pounds (and skin and bones) and the size of my tiny Boston Terrier.  Forty pounds seemed pretty reasonable.



Though we haven’t had her officially weighed lately, she’s several inches taller than my 50lb springer and I bet she’ll end up being more like a 60-65 pound dog… maybe lighter because she’s pretty lanky.  She also grew up a lot less pitty than I expected her to, and I kind of want to get her DNA tested (if anyone has done this with their dog, let me know!).  I have had people tell me she looks a lot like a Lab/Whippet cross, but I have a hard time picturing whippets roaming free on the streets of the town where she was dumped.  Who knows!


She is for all intensive purposes, a terribly naughty dog.  Perpetually hungry, she’ll steal anything she can get away with.  The other night, I saw her slinking out the door with a half eaten side of queso.  You can see the evidence dripped on her head, but other than that she didn’t make a sound as she tried to escape to the yard with her golden cheesy prize.

Queso on head.
Queso on head.

Pascale also has a thirst for destruction that kongs cannot quench.  Both my husband and I have completely lost two pairs of shoes each, with others suffering in terms of losing insoles or in my case, decorative bows on my flats.  Lately she’s moved off of shoes (or we’ve gotten smarter about putting them up) and is currently enjoying toilet paper and paper towels.  I wish I had a picture of our back yard to show you, because it is Pascale’s treasure trove.  Remember Ariel’s lair of human objects in The Little Mermaid?  Picture a dog version of that!



All these being said, she is just the best dog.  I’ve never had a dog that is happier about life.  She loves to play, and if no one will entertain her properly she’ll go out to her lair in the back yard and frolic and play with her treasures until she’s tired.  In the evenings, she sits between my husband and I on the couch while we watch tv or whatever.  She loves to flop in your lap, and put her nose up against your face.  It’s very strange, because she doesn’t even lick you but instead smushes her nose on your cheek and stares at you while wagging her tail.  Super, super cute.



She certainly has been a challenge for us, but I don’t regret rescuing this girl for a second.  I have one breeder dog, one puppy mill rescue, and now one dog picked up off the street.  She’s by far the most grateful, appreciative and loving dog I’ve ever had.  If any of you are considering adding a furry family member, I can’t stress to you how important rescuing is.  You won’t regret it!


26 thoughts on “Pascale the Not so Puppy Update

  1. Such a cutie!! My first (and current) dog was an off-the-streets rescue and he has been the absolute best dog ever. I won’t be able to have another dog for a while because of school, but I’ll be getting a cat in the future and it will be a rescue for sure 🙂

  2. She’s gotten huge!

    I have been so lucky that sonny isn’t destructive. His biggest vice is jumping… Well get that under control though… Fingers crossed. Glad she’s doing so well. I’m curious to do the DNA testing too. Curious if sonny really is pure Aussie.

  3. We acquired a mystery dog from a pickup on the highway once… She is simply the best dog – of unknown lineage, we were told by a vet that she’s part Lab, part Great Dane. Her latest antic was stealing an aluminum pie plate (empty) and trying to carry it outside through her dog door. It didn’t fit so we just kept hearing her smash into the door itself. LOL! Last week, it was a side container of spaghetti sauce.

  4. I’d look into DNA testing for her if you ever get the chance! I’ve never done it myself but have friends who had and they got some super fun and interesting results. She’s just adorable and the OMGALWAYSHUNGRY reminds me so much of our lab puppy. I love dogs that are just so happy about life!

  5. She has the best facial expressions! It’s like the perfect combination of sweetness and mischievousness. So cute! I want a dog so bad and I definitely want a rescue dog. The problem is I don’t think I’ll be able to stop at one.

  6. What a fun and adorable dog. =-) My sister and I both DNA tested our dogs- mine came back dachshund x smooth coated terrier with a few other minor things and I TOTALLY could believe it. My sister’s dog (who looks like a black lab) only had 2% black lab and had a totally strange random mix of dogs that did not seem very believable. I think we also did wisdompanel.

  7. LOVE that second to last photo of her sleeping <3 Love when their little teefers show. Hehehehe. And yes, rescueing dogs is such a beautiful thing – I have two 🙂

  8. The Little Mermaid reference was delightful. I am sure she is well aware that you saved her and loves you for your kindness.

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