I’m Exhausted But I Went to AIG $1 Million and Horses Jumped Things There

I’m Exhausted But I Went to AIG $1 Million and Horses Jumped Things There

I might be turning into a real Californian. I’m freezing in low 60’s, I buy 4 lb bags of Organic Almond Flour off Amazon and flying back and forth to the East Coast just wrecks me now.



I’m typing this in the Denver airport, looking at a bar that I am (perhaps foolishly) not drinking wine at. Mostly because right now, wine would put me to night night and I have another hour before I board my flight to make it home.

But I was thinking about the blog and my neglect, and thought I would throw up some pretty pony pictures to last a few days until I can write one of my real post ideas about…

  • How I continue to struggle to learn to ride
  • How blog comments can be an inherently unkind place
  • How it is hard watching your old dog get older
  • How much I want a bagel and a nap

Okay, that last one isn’t a post idea, but it is a real life truth. On to ponies!

They were at the final Grand Prix at HITS Coachella!

They jumped things!

Unless they didn’t, but we know how that goes.

Because ponies.

But we still love them even if they don’t jump things.

Because ponies.

16 thoughts on “I’m Exhausted But I Went to AIG $1 Million and Horses Jumped Things There

  1. Love all your pictures!!!! There’s so much detail captured in every photo and I’m just amazed at these riders. And yes to the nap!!! Hope you got one on the plane!!!

  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but you don’t owe us as readers anything, and you should blog when you have time or are inspired. That said, beautiful pictures and I really enjoy it when you do make updates. So nice to see you doing well and following your dreams.

    1. It’s not even that I feel guilty or that I owe my readers something, but I genuinely want to blog and am having such a crappy time scheduling it into my day. One day I’ll get better!

  3. Such beautiful photos and horses. The grey that’s not jumping the jump looks like it’s doing a sliding stop thru the flowers. Lol.

  4. I always love when you post pictures! Do you mind if I ask what kind of camera you use? What settings are you using for so much definition!? I am in awe! I have been “horseless” for 3 years now and live vicariously through other riders at this point. I just love all your Simon stories. He reminds me of my big guy who passed away in 2010.

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