People Don’t Suck

People Don’t Suck

Here’s the thing about my blog lately… when I gather my true feelings over something over the period of a few days/weeks (like moving), I get to the point where I write a somewhat coherent blog post about it. That blog post is typically, really fucking depressing – you’re welcome. However, after I write it (usually during many tears) it’s like a switch flips and I’m back to being a somewhat functional human being.

And people say I need a therapist! 🙂

This is a strange way of opening up my post today, which is about how awesome people are. I used to be a pretty bitter, cynical person. It’s almost like I thought being cynical was cool.

Oh look at me, I’m so jaded… jaded by my troubled life. Yeah, nobody understands me. I should talk bad about popular authors and go watch an obscure TV show. Maybe later if I’m lucky I can roll my eyes at a co-worker for being a plebian, or yell at someone for cutting me off in traffic. People suck. I hate people.

That is perhaps a slight exaggeration. I do still hate Nicolas Sparks though. I will always hate Nicolas Sparks.

I don’t hate people though… not even a little bit. People are amazing.

People continue to mail me sympathy/thinking of you cards, which brighten my mailbox that is otherwise filled with bills and notices. People fly halfway across the country to pack up my kitchen – including individually wrapping a lot of mason jars.

PS He loves babies
PS He loves babies

They let me bring junk to sell at their yard sale. They help me move. They hire movers to help even more, which led to perhaps the fastest and most efficient move I’ve ever completed.

People come to visit me, bringing fancy vodka and a no bullshit attitude that makes me feel a lot better. They don’t think I’m lame when all I can handle doing at night is coloring while watching International House Hunters.

They send SPARKLE MONOGRAMS ZOMG and car stickers of my blog logo. As soon as I know what vehicle I’m driving long term, this is going on it!


They pitch in and pull together to help me do something as frivolous as a horse show, just because it’ll give me something fun to do that will make me feel better (PS – I think I’m horse showing this weekend).

They show up to the first night at my new apartment with a bottle of wine and a roll of toilet paper.

People do all these things and more, because people are amazing. They don’t suck. They’re not stupid. We all have our short comings and we all make mistakes, but I’ve never felt so optimistic about my support group and community.

Even just by reading this blog, people show how great they are. Thanks for being one of those people.

24 thoughts on “People Don’t Suck

  1. Agreed on Nicolas Sparks. 😉 And mason jars. That car sticker is awesome! People can be awesome, you just have to surround yourself with the right ones. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you have amazing people in your life! I’m also excited that you’re going to show this weekend. Keep doing the things that make you happy. 🙂

  3. Even when you think you’re are being depressing you always come off in a positive way. Sometimes it’s just a joke or sarcastic comment. But it’s very obvious that you work at being a happy positive person. It’s one of the reasons I like reading your blog. I fall strongly into the dislike of (most) people category. But because of people like you I try to see the light/other side more and more. There’s a lot of good out there!

  4. Glitter monogram all the things! Slap that logo onto your car now and we can make MORE when you decide for sure where you want them!

  5. This post makes me smile… I cant wait to come out again to visit in your new apt, and make fancy vodka drinks.

  6. There should be a fan club for women who hate Nicholas Sparks. I didn’t cry at The Notebook, I gagged 😉

  7. Aw, so nice. I think you probably don’t suck either and must be pretty awesome actually if all the rest of us non-suckers are hanging out with you. 🙂

  8. If by people you mean bloggers – then yes – they don’t suck, but can in fact be awesome.

    SO – about Nicholas Sparks.

    His book Nights in Rodanthe, was written about (and the movie was filmed in) a town just a few miles up the island where I live.

    Besides generally loathing the premises for his love stories – star crossed lovers x silly women longing for bad boys who become sappy sensitive girly men – (whatever Nicholas Sparks closet misogynist laughing all the way to the bank). Alternately nauseating and mind-numbingly boring.

    You should have seen how much ridicule and scorn was heaped upon the uppity movie stars / California film crew and their fake-ass Hollywood creation. That was a thing of beauty…

    Glad to hear the flip is switching now and again. 😀

  9. I did not know who Nicholas Sparks was before reading this. Based on this, I, too, dislike him immensely. If you do get to show, have fun at the show!

  10. i love this – and am so happy you continue to find yourself surrounded by amazing and generous and caring individuals! that car sticker is amazing too lol (also my mare loves babies too, what’s up w that?)

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