Why Horses?

Why Horses?

Last week, SprinklerBandit explained how she transitioned to an animal loving kid to a horse loving kid. When I read her post, I thought it would make a decent blog of my own until I realized something specific.

I’ve never known a time in my life when I wasn’t in love with horses.

This is not because I’m from an agricultural family, far from it. My dad is more likely to invest in a farm and turn it into a housing development than he is to put horses on it. Though my mom likes horses, she never rode or desired to as far as I know. Yet they had this little blonde child who grew up wanting nothing more than to be around ponies of all shapes and sizes.


My favorite book as a kid was Fritz and the Beautiful Horses. My mom read it to me so often before bed, that I took my copy to Kindergarten for show and tell. I’m told that my teacher excitedly pulled my mom aside after school and said, “Lauren can read! That’s so amazing! She read this entire book to the class today!”

When my mom saw what book I had in my hand, she rolled her eyes. “She can’t read – she has it memorized because we read it so often.”

What can I say? It’s a great book with all kinds of horses.

So while I wish I could tell you some awe inspiring story about how I learned to adore all things equine, I don’t have it. The truth of the matter is, I often wish that I didn’t have the passion for these great creatures. Especially these days when I stay perpetually life tired, and my nerd horse is enjoying saying “No” a lot more than he is saying “Sure”. Horses are expensive and time consuming and stressful in every way. Lord knows I can’t afford them anymore.

Can't afford

But horses are also kind of magical in a way that is beyond words.

So despite my list of complaints and life stresses right now, I will continue to be one of those crazed horse people. Despite logic, it’s in my DNA. I am 5’8.5″, Blonde with green eyes and I love horses. There’s no why for me it seems, only fact.

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  1. Preach it! I’m pretty sure my parents wished I didn’t ride as they dutifully stood on the rail during the frigid OH winters. Not quite sure of the when or why- horses are just part of who I am!

  2. Oh my gosh, I loved Fritz and the Beautiful Horses as well! I used to read it all the time, and look at the pictures! I wish I still had my copy.

    I had always loved horses as well, but it didn’t grow into an obsession until my grandpa told me that if he ever won the lottery, he would buy my a horse. I switched from normal animal loving person to a horse crazy girl in like .5 seconds.

  3. I’m actually at the same point you are – it is getting hard to afford my hobby and I’m perpetually in a state of exhaustion and frustration. But I know if I were to sell my horse that I would be lost.

  4. “The truth of the matter is, I often wish that I didn’t have the passion for these great creatures. …Horses are expensive and time consuming and stressful in every way. Lord knows I can’t afford them anymore.”

    This is so very true. I say this more often than ever it seems.

  5. Preach it – I consistently find myself stressed about paying the pony bills, but I’ll go without on my own needs before I skimp on a riding cost. I think it’s bc when I’m at the barn, I don’t have to think if I don’t want to. This weird instinct takes over and I am in my own world with no outside problems and it is ever so peaceful. That’s something I can’t imagine going without

  6. I’ve never been able to figure out why I love them so much either, but I always have for as long as I can remember. Definitely agree, there’s gotta be something in our DNA.

  7. I saw my first one at two-by all reports it was instant love for me. The other kids screamed. I’m still paying off vet bills from 10 years ago so I would be much better off without them. I tried to when mine passed away but I couldn’t. I missed the species too much.

  8. I really want that book. For me and for baby! I am like you and honestly don’t remember how or why the obsession started-only that is has always been there!

  9. The book that hooked me at an early age was ‘A Pony For The Winter’. Think I still have it somewhere – I also used to ask for a horse every year in my letter to Santa. I don’t remember a time that I was not horse crazy – just took me until I was 40 to get one!

  10. I’m the exact same way. My mom had horses so I was exposed to them early (and actually she rode until she was 8 months pregnant with me) and I’ve loved them ever since. I feel like I can’t NOT have horses in my life. Every time I start thinking of the expense, I realize that I really don’t think I’d be a complete or happy person without them, so that justifies the expense. But yah there are times where I really wish I could function without them, with the amount that board/shoes/etc costs each year, I could go to Europe every single year. But no offense to Europe, I think I’d rather have a horse to ride every day.

  11. I’m with you, Sistah! Crazed indeed! And I love the book. I’ve never seen it but would have obsessed over it too. My mom always wanted a horse, but never had one. My grandfather on my dad’s side had several horses and would come home from the office and saddle up his Saddlebred mare and hit the trail with the dog following along. This was all before I was born. I think there’s some weird genetic connection. Maybe?

  12. I’ve given them up several times for different reasons – usually my assorted health issues and/or money. I’ve even tried to replace them with crazy things like breeding betta fish or running long distances. Yet, I always come back. It’s a curse and a gift.

  13. My story is the same. I’ve loved horses as long as I can remember. Neither of my parents really rode but still I begged and begged to ride. Every year for my bday that’s what I wanted and every year my parents said “when you’re 8”. For my 8th bday I called a bunch of barns in the yellow pages until I found one that would let me Schedule a lesson and told my parents what boots I needed haha. I’m sure my parents thought I would out grow it. Try as I might even when I know there are more responsible things to be doing with my money I still want to have a horse and ride… It’s part of who we are!

  14. I loved that book. And like you, I’ve just always loved horses. Not sure why – they’ve just always struck a chord in me that nothing else can. My favorite book when I was little was “The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses”.

  15. It has to be a DNA thing. I cant remember a time when I wasn’t absolutely obsessed with horses. I was forced to give up riding for one year due to an injury and became the most miserable person alive, inwardly and outwardly.

    No matter how rough it gets, or how hard to afford, there’s just something about them that sets my soul on fire.

    I always say a bad day at the barn is better than any good day not at the barn.

  16. Horses are definitely something hard to step away from. Right now I’m taking a break because board would break my bank account and I know there are too many moves in my near future. That being said, I plan on having horses back in my life once it settles. It’s definitely not a habit that’s easy to kick.

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