I Retail Therapied

I Retail Therapied

First off, thank you to everyone who commented on my post yesterday.  I took each and every confidence building suggestion seriously and feel a lot better knowing I’m not alone with these feelings!  Going to try and kick ass at my lesson tonight.  Will report back 😉

Now those who know me well know that I typically try not to buy things for my horse unless he needs them.  It’s pretty rare for me to throw about large amounts of money frivolously, because honestly I’d rather go horse show.  Rare, but not unheard of as the past two weeks have shown me.

Back in February, I got a sizeable (to me) yearly bonus from work.  That went straight into my savings account to jump-start my savings goals for the year, but I had decided that I would use a small portion of it to give myself a nice treat.  Nothing came up that I wanted or felt like spending money on for months, so I put the “treat” out of my mind.


Then someone at my barn (sadly) had to move out of Austin, and decided it was cheaper to sell her tack trunk than it would be to have it shipped to her new location.  I’ve been wanting a tack trunk in my barn colors to match everyone else, and my trainer has been dropping oh so subtle hints that my tack trunk is really annoying to take to horse shows due to its large size.  Hints like… “You should buy a smaller show trunk!”


When barn friend said she was selling trunk, I asked how much figuring I would be tempted but decide not to buy.  The price she told me was too good to be true, so I bought it immediately.


It’s a Phoenix West in our barn colors, and the funny part is that only 1 letter is wrong in the monogram.  There’s an L and an M, just not in the right order.  I’ll probably get a new vinyl front panel for it and cover re-monogrammed eventually, but at the moment I’m not in a huge hurry.

So I had a treat for me and Simon, yay!

Then last Thursday happened, and I have three people to blame for Thursday.

It all started with a hypothetical conversation with Aimee, where I mentioned all the things I would buy if I wanted to blow my savings.  This was my mistake #1, because when talking tack with Aimee things have a tendency to become a lot less hypothetical.


I mentioned I wanted a jumpery bridle that had a modern feel, but not a figure 8 since trainer wants us going in a standing martingale.  She linked me this beautiful Dy’On Anatomic Bridle.


I’ve seen it (and touched it) in Dover before, and it is beautiful.  However the head stall is $450 at Dover with no reins, and I can’t even consider that as a tack purchase.  I briefly looked for the Mark Todd version which Amanda has, but found out they don’t make it anymore.  The dream ended for me there.

Until I started chatting with Amanda, which was mistake number two.


Had I looked for the bridle online at French tack shops?  Why no, I had not.  Sure enough, she helped me find a European site that sold the Dy’On bridle and rubber reins for a reasonable price.

Then I talked to my most reasonable, good at adult horse friend – Jen.


I showed her the bridle and said it was beautiful, and that I would plan to set money aside and purchase in a few months.  Thinking this was the best plan, I was a bit shocked when Jen said “Well the Euro is so low you should just buy it now.”

Why yes, the Euro is super low right now.  By the time I got back from lunch, Amanda found a tack shop that shipped to the US.


So that’s how I got a high end jumper bridle for about $300 less than it would cost me at Dover in Austin.  I really hope it fits and I really hope y’all won’t get tired of seeing pictures of it because I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about buying a piece of tack in my life.


No more treats for me for a while!  Is there a “hypothetical” piece of tack that you are lusting after?

44 thoughts on “I Retail Therapied

  1. Super appropriate last meme. I’m always happy to assist people with shopping, especially if it means digging around in random European tack sites to find awesome deals!

  2. I want a tack trunk like that SO bad because a) I just want pretty things and b) both my trunks are HUGE and weigh A TON. Although they don’t travel… But my dad made me my trunks, and he would be devastated if I bought a new one.

  3. Every meme in this post is absolutely perfect. Excellent use of all the internet has to offer, I salute you.

    As for tack I’m lusting after… I want a new CO AYR8 because mine is old, and then I want a new fancy dressage bridle for showing but I don’t have my heart set on one particular one just yet…. for me the process of narrowing them down is the agonizingly fun part. 🙂

    1. You should hunt around tack stores for the AYR8 because lots of COs have been on sale this year — I get the feeling they are rolling out a new line. I could be totally wrong, but at least 3 people I know have found COs for 20% off or more this year!

  4. You’ll love that bridle! I just bought one and it’s gorgeous! The low euro is my excuse for the horses I may or may not be vetting over there……

  5. I’m not usually big on the wide-ish noseband look, but every time I’ve seen that bridle in pictures I swoon. I can’t wait to see what it looks like on Simon!

  6. Probably an Ogilvy half pad in my colors (brown/turquoise).

    And a new saddle…although that might be more of a need since my saddle is seeming to not fit myself or my horse anymore…

  7. How did I end up being the voice of reason? I’ll have to work on my image, clearly. 😉

    GORGEOUS bridle and I can’t wait to see it on Simon!

    1. Well honestly if the group to choose from is me, you, and Aimee, there’s really no one else that could possibly be the voice of reason except you. Lord knows it’s not me or Aimee.

  8. That bridle is gorgeous! I’d really like to try Addy in a figure-8 as we prepare for the jumper ring, but Owner Lady already has one for me to test out. At this point I’m on the prowl for the perfect saddle- doesn’t have to be perfect, just has to fit me and the pony! I’m pretty busy collecting stuff for myself since Addy has all her gear already.

  9. Oh my god, every day I am lusting after tack/apparel and justifying it with “Well, my discount is excellent, so I totally need this new shirt for XC. Because I am TOTALLY going to event this year!” :/

    Currently, I am eyeing a new One K helmet, a Romfh sunshirt, a cob-sized dressage bridle for Moe, and a saddle pad embroidered with little foxes. Terrible.

    I can’t wait to see the bridle on Simon!

  10. Weeee!!! Love the memes in this post, and your shopping adventure. If I ever need a bridle I’m asking the same gals for help because they have special skills for spending the mulah on awesome stuff at awesome deals. Can’t wait to see that bridle!

  11. These gifs are so very perfect for every aspect of your post. What a hoot. Congrats on the superior deal saving shopping skillz! Achievement unlocked: SUPERSAVER.

  12. Aimee and Amanda have me lusting after the PS of Sweden High Jump Revolution Bridle. Luckily they are currently on backorder until the end of the month, but I’m pretty sure once they are back in stock I will not have enough willpower to resist. I’m so excited about this bridle! I’m selling the other 3 bridles that I never use to help fund the new one.
    I also want a Total Saddle Fit Anatomical girth to see if that will stop my saddle from sliding forward on my pony’s withers (darn downhill build!), but I think we will resist and try a no slip pad and a Professionals Choice Neoprene girth first.

  13. French chicken is boss. And what would I get? Oh lord. A truck for my trailer. A dressage ogilvy. A lovely pair of tall boots. One of those lace show shirts. More Aztec Diamond breeches. And more Ogilvy baby pads. And another PS of Sweden bridle. Oh, and custom equifit boots for the pony. Just to start.

  14. It was meant to be. Congrats on the awesome deal!

    I almost bought a dressage saddle on ebay yesterday. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a used wintec isabell. Not sure how much I really want it though, so it’s sitting on the back burner unless something amazing comes along.

  15. Pretty bridle! My list is long and expensive. You can’t take it with you, so you might as well have fun spending it! To add a little Latin to your French: CARPE DIEM. Carpe bridle, carpe tack trunk, carpe saddle, carpe custom helmet from Italy …

  16. Retail therapy for the win!! 🙂

    I want a super high end bridle .. Haven’t shopped around yet bc I shouldn’t buy.

    But a for real thing is a new western saddle for Grayson …well new to me.

  17. So gorgeous!! I’m listing after a new dressage bridle right now and justifying it to myself because my horse totally needs one that fits around her (giant) ears better. I would be lying if I said that both Amanda and Aimee’s blogs have got be eyeing a PS of Sweden…

  18. Ugh… Imaginary wish lists…. Well, I would kill to have a truck + a trailer to pull, a complete show rig as we have nothing – no show tack, no show riding clothes, no show coolers, boots, etc… But right now I’d love a dressage saddle without insane knee rolls and hopefully with pretty black leather instead of synthetic. One of these days!

    bonita of A Riding Habit

  19. Epic enabling from the three amigos & awesome splurges + memes. That bridle & tack truck are 100 % ♡
    Nancy is in need of a new saddle (i think she has finally earned a not-Kika-hand-me-down) but apartment furnishing has scoffed all my monies so sadly now splurging on the horizon for me 🙁

  20. I just bought the mare a new bridle (to go with the pelham I also bought, because apparently sometimes a super mild baucher isn’t enough for my 17-year-old lame horse *rolls eyes*) for her birthday… hypothetically speaking though, I’m lusting after a Thinline trifecta!

  21. Speaking of the value of the Euro… have you SEEN the vacation packages out of Europe listed on Travelzoo this week. MY GOD. Someone hold this baby, I’ll be right back. In… 8 days.

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