31 Photos Prior to 31

31 Photos Prior to 31

After doing my 30 before 30, I decided a year long birthday challenge was something fun to add to my yearly blog goals. However, I didn’t want to do another horse bucket list this year. Therefore, I asked readers to help me come up with photography ideas that they would like to see on the blog.

It was fun reading everyone’s suggestions! I took all of them to heart, and added some of my own as well. Some were modified slightly to make them less specific and therefore within the realm of possibility. Now that the holidays are over and I’ve had some time to get into my grove for the year, I’ve compiled those photo suggestions into my 31 Photos Prior to 31 list!

I will update this post regularly with the appropriate photos as well as feature them on their own blog post when appropriate.

1. Candid shot between horse and rider – And more at “Between the Classes


2. Artistic photo of tack
3. Artistic photo of braiding – And more at “Beautiful Braids


4. Photos of a medical procedure
5. New born foal
6. Mare and foal
7. Fancy horse barn
8. Upper level dressage
9. Behind the scenes at the race track
10. A dog jumping
11. Horse with unusual markings or color
12. Photo taken at an international show facility
13. Icelandic Horse
14. Polo Match
15. An unusual breed at a hunter/jumper show
16. Miniature Donkey
17. Zebra – Completed on my 30th birthday safari!

18. Photo at Quarter Horse Congress
19. Upper level eventing
20. Between the ear shot
21. Horse near water
22. A magical majestic Friesian or Friesian cross
23. Photo of a rider falling off
24. Someone cantering bareback & bridleless
25. Simon and a miniature horse or pony
26. Western riding
27. An event horse in a water complex
28. Photo taken from the underside of a horse
29. Driving photo
30. Palomino horse
31. Hunter Derby

That’s quite the challenging list! For all bloggers who said I should come take photos of them and their horses – I will be happy to do so in exchange for a plane ticker 😀

21 thoughts on “31 Photos Prior to 31

  1. I’m not a plane ride away and our barn could knock out several of those – palamino, mini donkey, western if you grab the right boarder, Friesian, horse near water (we have a creek), we’ll have a mare and foal march-ish, have a weanling now. 😀

    And there are minis if you want to bring Simon LOL

    I have a couple on my 101 in 1001 currently: a working cattle ranch (we could knock out your western one together if we can find somewhere!), senior horse project…

  2. Yay!! If you buy the plane ticket to Cali, I can help you out by: cantering bareback and bridleless, through a water complex, which will lead to me falling off. That’s 3 right there =P Seriously, though, this is an awesome list and I can’t wait to see the photos you come up with!

  3. You are formally invited to all of my USEA events in 2015, none of which require a plane ticket. You could easily knock off 1, 2, 3, possibly 5 and 6 depending on venue, 10 happens all the time on course walks, 11 definitely, 19, 21, 23, 27, and possibly 30. So really… it’s only logical. 😉

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