Four Years of Nerd Horse

Four Years of Nerd Horse

I’ve been lucky enough to have nerd horse as my best buddy for four years now. Facebook reminded me that June 28th, 2012 was the day it became official. Facebook also reminded me why he got the name nerd horse… I mean, is this a nerdy creature or what?


Usually for Simon’s milestones I compile transformation pictures for a blog post, but I don’t have it in me this year to do that. Partially it’s because I believe he’s close to as good as he’s ever going to get with me and my current program. Our days of super dramatic transformations are done, at least for now.

Another part of me doesn’t care how he transforms or how he performs for me right now. This horse has been my rock in the last year. When I pick up a neck rope and canter him through the field, it feels like home.

Photo by Heather F
Photo by Heather F

Which adds another interesting dynamic into the next year for me (I am collecting interesting dynamics these days…) – Simon is leased out. A lovely woman riding at my barn is doing a trial on him, but I’m optimistic that she will continue the lease through the next year. I’ll still get to scratch his itches and stuff his long face full of treats, but someone else will take the reins for a while.


Do I have mixed feelings about this? Yes, I do. I’m getting more and more excited about Roman (update on him soon) but riding and training him instead of Simon feels like cheating on my husband. Coincidentally, I also feel like I’m cheating in my personal life. Like I said, my world is full of interesting dynamics.


At the end of the day, I’m happy with my decision to buy Roman and pursue the hunters. I’m also happy with my decision to keep control of Simon in the long run. Is it financially tricky and risky for me to own two horses? Yes. Do I lose sleep over it? Sometimes.


But Simon is and will always be my best buddy. I’m excited to see his showing adventures in the jumpers with a new friend, but I can’t let go of him yet. Maybe never, but certainly not yet.

25 thoughts on “Four Years of Nerd Horse

  1. So glad it has all worked out! Also excited for a Roman update.

    I have been trying to face the reality that at any time now I could be faced with owning two horses and neither being suitable for jumping and showing. The thought of trying to support three horses both in a time and money sense really terrifies me (I’m already prone to stretching myself too thin on time now) but the thought of giving up on jumping for a while also scares me (don’t want to end up a wussy middle aged adult or push P too hard if he’s my only horse to ride). We will see what life has in store for me though!

  2. I’m so glad Simon has found a new friend, and it’s great that you’ll still be able to spoil him! Can’t wait to hear all about how things are going with Roman!

  3. Sounds like the ideal situation for you, Nerd Horse and Roman. Looking forward to a Roman update soon!

  4. Happy 4 Years with Nerd Horse! Glad you have something worked out for him that keeps him in your barn. I’m excited to hear more about Roman!!

  5. It sounds like Simon is invaluable to you so a lease is potentially the best thing. Hope all goes well, and a happy anniversary to the both of you!

  6. Happy anniversary! And so glad to hear you are able to do the Best of Both Worlds scenario. Looking forward to hearing everybody’s new adventures.

  7. Happy 4 years!! I know what you mean about feeling like you are cheating on Simon- I feel so guilty not spending as much time with Prince as I used to… some days there isn’t time for anything else besides a pat and a few carrots.

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