Valentines for the Horse Lover

Valentines for the Horse Lover

There’s a common misconception that if someone loves horses, they’ll love anything with horses on it.  Not true.  There is a lot of really really really ugly horse stuff out there… but that’s another post.

If you have a horse loving woman in your life and you want to give her a Valentine for the season (and who wouldn’t?  Us horse girls are awesome), check out these options below.  They’re all hand-made from Etsy and under $100, so you can go wild giving your love a hand-made gift without breaking the bank… plus an artist gets money instead of a huge corporation.  Win win!

  1. Bridle Tag, Halter ID Tag for Your Horse or Pony
  2. Snaffle Bit Horse Bangle Bracelets Equestrian Sterling Silver
  3. Custom Silver Horse — Jumper
  4. Thoroughbred Horse and Pretty Girl Personalized Bookplate Labels
  5. Like, Whoa – set of six greeting cards for horse people
  6. Gorgeous Pearl and Crystal Browband for Your Horse
  7. Custom Painted Winner’s Circle Horse Brush
  8. Personalized Handmade Horse Show Ribbon Pillow

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