Ermahgerd Outfits

Ermahgerd Outfits

My brain is almost 100% on the year end show, and because you guys are my captive readers I’m going to drag you down the crazy train with me.

Most of my showing has been exclusively at local one day shows and schooling shows, and last year’s CTHJA year end show was my first “away from home” weekend show where I actually sat on my horse and rode him around a ring.  Success!

This year the year end show is only my second away show, so the excitement has not worn off yet.  Also, I’ve always been poor cheap and pretty much only have one show outfit. Last year I just stayed really clean the first day and wore the same stuff again, but this year I am excited to say that I have two show outfits.

Because I am an excited nerd, I’m going to share them with you.  I’m also going to share prices, because while things can be shockingly expensive… they don’t have to be.


The equitation has some tried and true favorites (aka my nice hunt coat I’ve had since college) that I only pull out for showing and special occasions. Everything gets dry cleaned so it lasts longer, because I don’t want to have to replace these things!

Okay I’m a little surprised it’s that much honestly!  To be fair, I wear my helmet every time I ride and my boots a lot outside of shows (so taking those out puts it at $486).  Also like I said, I ask for the more expensive items as presents and try to take really good care of them so they last a long time.  The only thing I bought in 2013 for this outfit was the black belt and my tall boots (which better last five years or until I get thinner… either way).


The budget hunter is this year’s creation after selling some tack I didn’t need. Okay, I really didn’t need another show coat at all, but I’ve always wanted a “fun” coat color and this fit the bill. For the price, I was willing to grab it!

Once again, if you take out the boots and helmet (everyday items) then this show look is only $195!  That’s a lot more reasonable, phew 😉

Do y’all get giddy and obsess over show outfits too?  Once I get some debt paid off I’m hoping to cruise ebay, because you can pick up so many great gently used items and save money there as well.

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  1. Yikes! Gotta love showing draft 🙂 A polo that matches the horses mane and bow decorations and khakis or black pants and boots. Simple. But the other equipment; cart and harness, not so cheap.

  2. I would get more excited about show clothes if I could find some that both look nice and fit me, specifically boots and show coat. I am very petite and I really need to get my show coats tailored to fit better. I always feel slightly ridiculous in them. I love my boots now but they are the Ariat Volants and they are one of the first pairs of tall boots that fit really well but they aren’t technically show boots even though I do plan to show in them. One day I will probably splurge to get custom boots. I have never looked into it but I wonder if I will have trouble even with custom boots. Can they make them in a size 5? I guess I’ll find out someday.

    1. I’m sure they can. It is frustrating to have to buy expensive show clothes and still have to worry about fit. I have that on the opposite end of the spectrum, but sometimes forget that just because someone isn’t overweight doesn’t mean that they have an easy time finding show clothes or even feel that great in them. I love the Volants, they are nice boots.

  3. Great outfits!! I love ebay for show clothes because I get obsessive and want everything-so at least I save some money!

    I love show coats. I bought my first non-traditional navy one this year, and I can’t wait to wear it someday! Good luck wearing your pretty new grey one. 🙂

  4. Love the outfits! You’re going to rock them! And yes, who doesn’t get giddy over show fashion… we are girls 😛 I can’t wait to have money so I can always be fashionable!! And what program do you use to create your fashion boards? They always look so good.

  5. This makes me feel like I should add up my outfits for eventing… but then again, after seeing your numbers I probably don’t want to know. Damn but this sport is expensive!

  6. OK, I still don’t get TS breeches… I hated the one pair I had. The sticky knee patches were nice, but they felt small, and the rest of the pants were slick as a gut! Someone must enlighten me, one of these days…
    LOVE the IRH helmet!
    I love my grey jacket! I bought it on eBay for $10, then tailored it to fit. I was scared to try grey, but I thought black would look too dark and bold. It worked out great for us!
    I do love to dream about show clothes. On the other hand, I want to sit down in the saddle at the show and have it feel just like at home. So, I ride everyday in tall boots. I buy show breeches in the same brand and style that I school in, and I make my tack work double duty.
    I really hate to add up the money I’ve spent, as well… $$$

    1. $10! Nice! I was feeling good about $50 and then I saw one for sale on Ebay the other day for literally $4, haha. Need to get my tailored as well but that’s not happening before this show.

      I actually prefer the old TS breeches to the new ones, but if I wear the new ones with SmartSlims then I like them better.

  7. Wow! I have never figured up how much show outfits really cost. *gulp* Good thing I’m not showing these days! When we were doing IHSA, everything I bought was used, I think. My whole show outfit cost me maybe $85. It sure wasn’t anything fancy, though! One day I’d love to get back into doing schooling shows, at least with my students. And for those you don’t need anything “nice” to wear, thankfully! ( :

  8. I sure do! You should see my cross country outfit…I JUST completed it with a trade for a royal blue vest to match the rest…so excited for next year!

  9. Yay for dressage! The only time I ever need new show clothes is when I
    A)Forget something after a 500 mile drive to the show.
    B) Get frequent flier points off the pony and need a new helmet
    C) Stain those rediculous white breeches
    D) Use up the last little bit of life left in my current show clothes.

    I’m sure that over the years, each show outfit has earned it’s keep.

  10. Nice!!! Both outfits look great. 🙂 It is really fun to put show outfits together. This year, I only had one outfit and wore it (drycleaned in between, obvs.!) for 4 shows. I show western and that worked for the one day club shows. I’m hoping to show at some multi-day AQHA shows next year, as well as doing HUS. So, technically, I *should* have separate outfits for 1) halter 2) showmanship 3)HUS 4)western rail classes and 5) ranch pleasure !!!!!!!!!!! And in a perfect world I would have 2 of each, so I didn’t get too stinky!

    I will problaby end up using the same outfits for 1, 2 and 3, but HUS will be separate and ranch pleasure (plain clothes and tack, no bling) will re-use boots, chaps and hat from the other stuff. Fun to plan, but it sure does get expensive after awhile, even when looking for deals!!!

  11. Love your looks! I FINALLY just got a jacket that I like how it fits! I think maybe I’ll do a look board once I try it in the saddle to make sure I can ride in it, haha. I have the same boots as you but I need to try them in the saddle because I got them recently. Do you use yours with regular stirrup pads – those are the SCS3 boots, right?

  12. Love this! The dressage show clothes world can get EXPENSIVE. While there’s certainly a benefit to buying really nice and lasting things, I can’t seem to bring myself to buy a $100+ pair of white pants to ride my dirty horse in. Bleach and I have a close enough relationship as it is …

  13. I LOVE show outfits, but honestly most of the stuff I show in, I also use everyday. And I hate shopping for show coats with a bigger chest area… it’s miserable.

  14. Um yes I get overly excited to pick out what I am going to wear… I have a few (probably to many in some peoples eyes, but you can never have to many IMHO) choices and love to mix and match 🙂

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