Day 21 – Your Perfect Schooling Outfit

Day 21 – Your Perfect Schooling Outfit

Had a nice lesson on Adora last night. Thanks everyone for the kind comments yesterday – they made me feel better. I absolutely can learn a lot from every horse – even a schoolmaster like her. It took me a bit to get used to her bigger jump and longer stride, but when I made myself sit up (one of my really bad habits is leaning forward) things went much better. Hoping to ride another new school horse on Wednesday.

Perfect means the ideal, but not necessarily the attainable ideal.  But if I had unlimited funds and the weather was always nice and beautiful, every day I would school in…

Lacoste-20Lady-20polo-20shirts-20-20BlueA fun colored Lacoste Polo Shirt

AA-Pinnell-Womens-Needlepoint-w-Lizard-leather-and-brass-buckleNeedlepoint belt (that I made myself of course!)

tailored-sportsmanA fun/bright colored pair of Tailored Sportsman breeches

260294053435118054_qSbX5d3l_cPreppy monogrammed custom half chaps

AriatHeritageIIZipAriat Paddock Boots (this part is true!)

GPA-Evolution-Speed-Air-SThe highly ventilated GPA Speed Air

Now what do I actually school in? Usually my old pair of Tailored Sportsmans or my new $25 Horze breeches, a polo shirt of some sort, no belt (I don’t like tucking my shirt in usually), my IRH helmet and my lovely Ariat Close Contact Chaps and Paddock boots. A girl can dream though, right?

9 thoughts on “Day 21 – Your Perfect Schooling Outfit

  1. Well my other comment got lost in the ether, I just wanted to say that those half chaps are sharp!!
    Also to answer your question, I love BoT products, firm believer that they work. I have the saddle pad, the polos, a blanket for Carlos (ordered 2 more saddlepads as its the only one I will use outside of showing) and I have the mattress cover for myself, considering getting the wrist/arm things.

    1. Eeks, sorry the ether ate your comment! I’ll have to check Back on Track out more seriously. The hock wraps sounded like a really good idea, but my friend swears they only make a difference if left on overnight – which isn’t an option at my barn. Reviews on SmartPak say otherwise so I don’t know, maybe I’ll give them a try anyway.

  2. Omg…love the half chaps and I only have 2 pairs of boring tan breeches so would love some color! Btw…really enjoy reading your blog and the design is beautiful/super reader friendly.

    1. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! I love messing around with the design and widgets, but it seems to be loading really slowly for me right now so I’m trying to figure out what the deal is with that.

  3. Funny you should write about riding wear as I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I am wearing to a clinic this weekend.

    I HATE to shop for real world clothes, but I LOVE my riding clothes. When I did endurance, I wore very specific tights (absolutely no seems allowed, wide waist band a must, and pull up style only) and the crappiest t-shirts I could find as they were almost always ruined after doing 50 or 100 miles.

    When I got “serious” (I use that term in a relative way) about dressage, I felt that I needed to wear better clothes if I wanted to take myself seriously. I now have two drawers FULL of breeches. One drawer is for summer and they range in style from total beaters, to clinic worthy. The winter drawer has the same type of range: fleece all the way to heavy duty BREECHES.

    I also keep a nice selection of form fitting long sleeves running shirts for winter and sleeveless work-out shirts for summer. I toss the old ones each season and replace them with a version that doesn’t stink!

    It’s funny, but I am NOT a fan of polos – I think there is too much at the neck for my comfort level. I also finally decided to use my paddock boots and half chaps for crappy weather only as I REALLY like my Ariat field boots for schooling. I have a pair of Ariat Maestros for showing. The tall boots give me a better feel – I think anyway.

    Riding attire preference is such a complicated mix of elements. We all like what we like, don’t we?!

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