Sidelines Magazine Backstage Pass Photo Contest

Sidelines Magazine Backstage Pass Photo Contest

Though I’m not a subscriber to Sidelines (I might get a subscription though!), I love their Social Media presence, blogs and Facebook page.  Their photo contests are fun, and since I used to take a lot of photos at horse shows, I enter whenever I can.

This past contest finally paid off!  I entered a photo of my former trainer’s Mom, Lydia (who also braided for us), and my trainer’s horse, Artie.  It’s a sweet candid moment, and made even more special because both Lydia and Artie passed away fairly recently.


The photo didn’t win any big prizes, but it was named a runner up and will be printed in the March issue of Sidelines.  Exciting!  I’ll have to try to pick up a copy even if I don’t subscribe, but if you get the magazine keep an eye out for Lydia and Artie!

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