Day 14 – Your Dream Farm

Day 14 – Your Dream Farm

Simon was really lame last night again.  Same right hind, and after cold hosing his hock I noticed a small band of swelling to the inside top of his hock.  I think it’s too high to be upper suspensory… but it has me worried.  He’s going to the vet Wednesday for an xray, as much of a lameness exam that they can do in the mud, and possibly an ultrasound.  Fingers crossed…. sigh.

In my life as it stands, I’m a happy boarder who doesn’t want a farm.  I need to work full time, and I don’t want to do all the horse work on top of working full time.  Plus, if I had my own farm it would be something very small and I would be riding by myself.  Part of the fun of boarding is meeting new horse people and having friends to ride with.

That being said, this is my dream farm and in my dream I am very very rich.  I do not have to work, and I’m helping fulfill my husband’s dream of living seasonally… except I choose Wellington, Florida instead of New Orleans to spend our winter days.

Dream Wellington Farm

It would be hard not to like living here.  Look at that ring!!!!!!!!

Dream Wellington FarmThis humble entrance gives the impression of a small, homey place… right?

Dream Wellington FarmThere are spots for quiet contemplation, or a cup of coffee with a good book.

Dream Wellington Farm

It even comes with a horse!

Dream Wellington Farm

The barn is pretty spotless, and I love the wooden ceilings, iron lanterns and nice wide aisleways.

Dream Wellington Farm

My dog would like the swimming pool, and who wouldn’t like a dip after a few hours in the saddle?

Even though the barn is gorgeous, there are tons of areas to ride in, and a pool… my favorite feature of this property is this room in the house:

Dream Wellington FarmMy biggest home owning dream is to eventually have a old world feeling equestrian library.  It will have vintage horse show prints, equestrian needlepoint pillows, and paintings/sculptures of loved horses.  Oh and ribbons – lots and lots and lots of satin ribbons!  I swear, even if we live in a moderate 2/3 bedroom house for the rest of our lives… I will eventually convert one of those bedrooms into my coveted library!

This 5 acre farm could be yours for a measly $4.5 million dollars… but honestly it kind of seems reasonable.  Or have I just lost my mind?  Maybe I’ve been looking at so many over priced horse related things lately that almost $1 million an acre seems fair… I think I need to go drive around Texas some more and get a grip of reality.

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  1. Love that farm. Boarding is the best though… This coming from someone that lives on a lovely “farm” and boards her horse bc it’s better- easier access go training, and safer plus meet/ see people.

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