Day 25 – Your Dream Trailer

Day 25 – Your Dream Trailer

Had a good lesson last night.  I rode Winston again, the small but angry OTTB.  My trainer gave me some more insight to his extreme head tossing and aversion to contact, so we worked on him moving just off my leg and keeping my hands low and quiet.  Once he trusts his rider to not rip his face off, he actually settles down quite nicely for cross rails and 2′ type stuff.  I had an enjoyable ride, and want to work with him some more if I can.

Now this challenge post is a bit of a farce, because I have seen both sides of trailer vs no trailer and I have to say – I’m happy living on the no trailer side.  I was extremely fortunate to get a 2 horse aluminum trailer as a high school graduation present, which at the time was a necessity because I boarded in someone’s back yard who didn’t do much off the property.  Lucky for me, Elvis was so good that the two of us could haul to a show completely alone and show all day with no trainer and no help.  He was an angel in that way.

After I moved to MA, I sold my trailer and was sad to do so.  However, now that I board at a bigger barn that hauls to shows I don’t miss having it at all.  On top of all the show stress and prep, I don’t have to worry about negotiating traffic or if my hook up is done properly or the air pressure in my tires.  For me, it’s a big relief.

If I was to buy another trailer though (unlikely!), I’d get a two horse with living quarters.  Something like this…


5 thoughts on “Day 25 – Your Dream Trailer

  1. From the not having one ever standpoint, I feel like my life would be much easier knowing I had to option to haul myself. Plus I would save SO MUCH MONEY if I could. You never realize how much barns jack the prices for hauling up until you are able to haul yourself. I think if I was going to get my own trailer, it would probably be a 2 horse straight load, with a tack room. Nothing fancy, but It would need to be warmblood everything. A girl can dream…

    1. They do up charge a lot, but like L. Williams I’ve done the math too. For the amount that I show, it is MUCH cheaper for me to pay the trailering cost than it is to buy/maintain a truck & trailer. Maybe it’d be a different story if I showed more!

    1. Realistically, I’d probably just do one with a tack room. My old 2 horse didn’t have a tack room and I think that’s a borderline necessity. But yeah, I’ve done the math too and it’s just cheaper for me to pay someone to haul him around.

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