Day 13 – A Video of Your Worst Riding

Day 13 – A Video of Your Worst Riding

I never see any video of me riding and think “Wow, I look so good!  I should definitely become a professional.”  One might classify me as overly critical.  This probably contributes to the fact that I have virtually 0 video of me riding.  These videos are super old, so this is a combo “bad riding” and “blast from the past” video post.

This is probably the worst video, and you’ll quickly see why.

Ok, to be fair I don’t really consider this that bad on my part because the freakin’ horse just spooked and was no longer there… but by very definition falling off the horse is bad. Here’s a 2nd attempt where we did much better. Duly was maybe 4 at this time and very, very green.

Here are 3 videos in a series I like to call “Lauren and Elvis aren’t good at Gymnastics.” Elvis had a very short stride, and I did not help him AT ALL with this lovely display of poor riding.


Not good.

Not as terrifying, but definitely not good.

Looking at these now, I’m astonished about how loose I am in the tack. I feel like I need to go do a month of no stirrups just to make up for that poor showing almost 10 years ago. Egads!

3 thoughts on “Day 13 – A Video of Your Worst Riding

  1. That is the beauty of gymnastics you get better each time through! Also that spook/stop/whirl was dirty, I think most people couldn’t have sat that.

    I am a lot like you hypercritical of myself.

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