My Pretend Texas Farm

My Pretend Texas Farm

It’s a rough week.  I’ve got a steady headache and sore throat, but my body will neither move into full fledged sickness nor heal itself and get on with life.  Also, the drama llama visited work.  I hate the drama llama.

Instead of whining (which I can assure you I’m doing enough of outside the blog right now), I will show you what I’d do if I had $500k just hanging out and I could quit my job today.

I want to buy this farm outside of Austin.


I’d live in this house which is cute and adorable and bigger than where I live now.


I’d spruce up the landscape and give everything a fresh coat of paint.


There would be a nicer show horse barn, with individual paddocks so everyone would have a little individual turnout area.



Clean up things here and there and this would look like a wash rack at a fancy facility!


Turnout for the fancy show ponies that can’t be on real turnout.


This place also has potential to be suitable for rehabbing lame horses.  Why?  Oh I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with the HORSE POOL.



I’d take out the two hot walkers, and put in a nice solid European hotwalker instead.  This would also help with rehabbing horses back from injury.


Bye bye starting gate.  No more racing ponies for you.


Maybe turn the straight away of the track into smaller pens for more dry lot turnout?  Not sure.


The track infield gets a nice fence and turns into a well maintained grass ring with jumps.  The actual track?  I’d think that’d be perfect for hacking, cooling out, etc.

Sigh. Anyone want to invest? For now it’s back to work for me!

7 thoughts on “My Pretend Texas Farm

  1. You’re making me daydream too. I live in central florida but wouldn’t mind moving to a nice house in Wellington or Ocala close to all the big horse shows. 😀

  2. I agree, keep the track!!
    Also, $400K for all that?! Wow, talk about a difference in real estate markets :O That seems really cheap especially considering its just outside a capital city. You could barely buy a 4 bedroom house in the suburbs here with that money.
    Hope your cold either gets better or gets worse so you get to take a day off work.

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