Case of the Holiday Wants

Case of the Holiday Wants

Is there anyone who doesn’t have a wish list this time of year? If you’re one of those people who are like “I don’t need anything because I have the love and support of my family and Jesus” then that’s great… but I doubt you’re a horse person.

Us horse people always need want shit. It’s a problem.

This time of year is an especially hard time for me and my case of “the wanties” because my Birthday and Christmas are two days apart. It’s a giftapocalypse… and most of it is for Simon pants.

Any of these items would be extremely well received if Santa or the Birthday princess but them under my tree 🙂


A custom fleece cooler to keep us toasty and warm…


A needlepoint belt to stitch up a storm!


A Red Barn martingale to match all my tack,


An EcoGold pad to help with his back.


A fancy stitch halter to make him look classy,


and new saddle pads so pretty and flashy!

The most ridiculous gift I may hope for this Christmas, is a shadbelly I’ll be lucky to wear once a year!


What are you hoping Santa will bring you and your pony this Christmas?

11 thoughts on “Case of the Holiday Wants

  1. That is a good list of stuff! I always have a list of wants going – I thought this year would be better since I bought a ton of stuff at Congress, but no dice. On my list: a blanket that fits my horse (high withers…), some saddle soap, spurs, tall boots etc. etc. ;-0

    Hopefully Santa brings you a couple of the things from your list!

  2. Love your list! I too have a hard time this time of year as my birthday is only a week before Christmas LOL I sure hope Santa and the Birthday Princess find you!

  3. I see what you did there. 😉

    Great list. I have an ecogold pad on my list too and a show coat, but not a shadbelly. Oh and a cooler as well. Some things are just equine-ally universal.

  4. Oh, I so hear that. My birthday is a week after Christmas and two days after the new year; everyone is OVER celebrating and no one has any money left anyway. :0) Hubby reads me right, but you’re right. It’s a giftapalooza in one fell swoop and then a loooong wait until another gift giving season. :0)

    Hope Santa and the birthday princess deliver. :0)

  5. A new bridle for Ozzy. Bridle tags for all three. Warm winter riding clothes of any and all kinds. New gloves. Jumping boots for Dancer. And always more saddle pads!

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