Selfie Sunday – BT Update

Selfie Sunday – BT Update

We’re now four days past the incident with Eliot and BT, and both BT, Tim and I are doing a lot better.

Physically, her eye is vastly improved but we’ve come to understand that it will never be the same.  The swelling is down from OMG super creepy to er… her eye looks weird.  The redness in the “white part” is also a lot better, but the position of the colored part of her eye stays off center.  It’s more to the outside than it should be.


I am still optimistic that the eye may look more normal eventually, because the vet said it could/would take up to a full two weeks for the swelling to go completely down.  Most likely though one of the muscles that holds the eye in proper place was torn from one of Eliot’s bites.  If it was torn, it will never heal and therefore the eye will never go back in its proper position.  Not great and if she were younger maybe we’d take her to an optimilogist to discuss surgeries… but as it stands so long as the eye is healthy and she’s happy everything is okay with us.


On the Eliot front, I’ve gotten some great advice from you blog readers and I really appreciate it.  We’ve started making some changes around our household to manage his issues, and I will be contacting our normal vet on Monday to ask about medication for anxiety/aggression.  Right now he only gets “chewies” when he’s in the crate, and at first he wasn’t pleased at being locked up… but he’s getting okay with it – especially since he gets treats in there.  I’m going to do my best to not correct him for growling/warning the other dogs when they bother him, but if he warns BT about anything we’re going to remove her or him from the situation.  Since she can’t see well, his warnings don’t really register with her.  The most fair thing we can do for all the dogs is to make sure that she can’t be in a situation where she could accidentally trigger him, which is what happened on Wednesday.

Thank ya’ll for all your kind thoughts and good vibes towards my little critter.  Hopefully I’ll have a picture of a much better eye to show you here before too long!  Until then, only the pretty one so we don’t give anybody nightmares 😉

14 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday – BT Update

  1. Im so sorry that you are going through this. Its so hard to see our animals in pain. It sounds like BT is starting to get better. Hopefully she will have a smooth recovery and the eye will return to normal.

  2. Eyes can be a frustrating waiting game – they can go downhill so quickly, but can take a long time to heal. I’m glad BT is already so much better! It sounds like she might still make a full recovery; all my fingers are crossed!

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