From Writing Mad to Horses Mad – Exploring an Equestrian Buzzfeed

From Writing Mad to Horses Mad – Exploring an Equestrian Buzzfeed

One of the side effects of my new life includes a lot of alone time that I have to productively structure for myself. Sitting down at my computer to work lately goes something like this:

Okay! I have four hours to write today. And …. Go. Go. Go! Write the things. Writey write write. Or… peruse Facebook. Or… look at Buzzfeed. Or… take a quiz about how well I know Disney horses.

So today I learned that I don’t know much at all about Disney horses, and I didn’t get much writing done. Fabulous.

Horse aggregate news and information sites are popping up everywhere these days, and I welcome their place in cyberspace. Sometimes it feels like every viral article is about beauty hacks or selling spray sticks of perfume. While sites like Buzzfeed do a great job bringing their user base a variety of topics in short, easy to digest blurbs – they don’t exactly focus on horses.

Enter Horses Mad. This aggregate site features viral horse content ranging from basic care and training information to humorous pieces about horse mustaches.

For the record, even though I am a poor horseless graduate student at the moment, I am still a hunter princess and confess that horse mustaches make me die a little inside. I can’t tell you how fast I’d shave that off of Simon, but alas I digress…

Horses Mad is not going to be your top news source for FEI show jumping competition, but they have a high level overview of a huge variety of equestrian topics. For me, it’s the kind of site I like to pull up and browse the homepage for news headlines and pictures that catch my eye. Maybe it’s all the barn searching I’ve been doing recently, but this piece on luxury horse barns made me drool.

There’s also a horse shop with a range of equestrian accessories. If you want to downward dog with a unicorn on your butt or go to spin class with an Andalusian (or let’s face it – watch Netflix and eat popcorn in comfy clothes), they currently have some fun equestrian apparel that is worth a look.

If you’re a procrastinator like me, this site is a solid option to delay the inevitable. In fact, you might actually learn something (or at the very least fantasize about building a premium barn one day). As for me, I’ve got to get to writing. Just right after I take this quiz on horse breeds… after all I have to up my equestrian street cred after bombing the Disney horses quiz. Priorities!

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5 thoughts on “From Writing Mad to Horses Mad – Exploring an Equestrian Buzzfeed

  1. I was able to guess 3 Disney horses. the only one I new for sure was Maximus.
    As for procrastination … yep … i have it too. 🙂

    Keep us posted on Simon and his eventual journey to CA.
    I will try and check out a few of the other links tonight (yep putting it off) gotta go to a meeting and you can’t put that off unfortunately.


  2. Someone posted that mustache article on FB and I literally laughed until I cried. I’m not sure if I was over caffeinated or if they are actually that funny. But I find them hilarious!

  3. Because I’m a trivia nut and HIGHLY competitive, the first link I clicked was the quiz. 10/10. Yeah, I rock… it actually was pretty hard and I wasn’t 100% on a couple of the answers. I will also check out some of the other sites, though, so you’ve done your job! 😉

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