Between the Classes

Between the Classes

Late blog post today because I guess with a dead cell phone and no dogs to wake me up… I needed to catch up on sleep.  A lot of sleep.  Over 12 hours of sleep – whoops!


So anyway, last weekend at Pin Oak more than one person commented to me about how the junior riders looked like they weren’t having any fun.  Pairing that with a conversation with a friend who told me about a horrible show of sportsmanship she saw from an adult amateur at Pin Oak the previous year, and I began to wonder if people had any fun at these big shows.

When AA classes give out large amounts of prize money, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the pressure of it all.  There are points, prizes and sales horses to be concerned about.  Everything is recorded and there’s really no where to hide at a show like this. 


However, when I got home and started to go through my photographs I began to see the other side as well.  Sure, there are always going to be individuals that don’t have great sportsmanship but I really do believe people show horses because they love them.



I saw more moments of good sportsmanship than bad last weekend. 


The scowling juniors?  Maybe they were just taking their job as riders seriously.  When you’re jumping 3’6″ + there isn’t always a ton of room for error. 


It’s a way different show environment than what I’m used to at my local shows, but I still felt the love underneath it all. 

23 thoughts on “Between the Classes

  1. I LOVE the shot of the girl kissing the chestnut with his eye whiskers silhouetted. Such a great shot.

    I think you see both types of people at all shows, despite whether there is a lot of money on the line. Some people just take life too seriously. 😉

  2. Always see the good with the bad. I can’t look past that girls loose chin strap though…lol she needs to tighten that bad boy!

  3. I frown all the time, I still have loads of fun at shows, its also really tiring work. Doesn’t mean I don’t take my horse for walks, or give him kisses or even cuddle him in his stall. My mom always thinks I come across as sour, but in the eyes of great horsemen like GM, I come across as a serious rider, a great concentrator.

  4. Don’t most riders seem miserable at shows? But for some reason we keep coming back and swear we enjoy the sweet torture 😉

    Good write up and pics though

  5. Maybe I’m jaded after being at WEF for a month but certainly here there could stand to be more love for the horse… I love it when people demonstrate affection to their horses, even if it’s just a covert pat. You don’t need to go all kissy-face but something to acknowledge your partner and thank them for their efforts? I’m saddened by the riders who appear not to care for their horses. Hop on, hop off, flick reins to groom, take off somewhere. I don’t think I’ll ever get that.

  6. I think that as an AA I am super focused when showing and I also want to represent my trainer well. But I am having loads of fun and can let my hair down when I’m done 🙂

  7. All of my o/f photos I look like I’m scowling. I guess that’s my concentration face lol! I show at both and I honestly see more poor sportsmanship at our unrated shows here. I used to judge for one and stopped because I was so sick of the poor sportsmanship.

  8. Hi! I love your blog! You are an amazing rider! You write beautifully! I would love if you could check out my blog! Thank you!
    -Haileysmyhorse (my blog is myhorsemylife)

  9. lovely photos – and great points about how being serious does not equal being unhappy. horse shows can be fun while riders still show respect for the sport and the competition

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