What It’s Like When Simon is Wild

What It’s Like When Simon is Wild

Last Sunday for my lesson, my horse was “wild.”  Believe me, I am just as shocked as you.

Now don’t get me wrong… Simon is still my wonder horse.  In fact, his wildness makes me laugh more than makes me annoyed.  I’ll try to give you a play by play of the lesson as best I can, since there’s no media proof that any of these events happened.  You’ll just have to trust me.

He warmed up like a Grand Prix dressage star (note: this may be some exaggeration) but as soon as he saw the first jump he pretty much switched modes on me.


Warmup trot jump?  Oh no, we’re going to power canter this SOB.


I’ll skip the details, and just try to help you visualize what Simon is like when he is wild.  Wild Simon takes every long spot possible to every fence I let him.


Wild Simon “bucks” when you ask for a change… or a tight roll back… or something in a corner.


Unfortunately for Simon, no one takes his bucks very seriously.

Wild Simon gives expressive head shakes after fences over 2’… so he can show his artistic abilities as well as athleticism.


When Wild Simon gets too wild, sometimes you have to pull him up two strides before the 18″ vertical that he’s dragging you too.


Wild Simon realizes he’s in trouble when this happens, and he doesn’t like being in trouble… despite being wild.  Therefore, every course after Wild Simon will really slow down when you ask.

Like, really slow.


Because even though he is wild, he is sure not to get in trouble twice.

This is why I love Wild Simon, even if he is very silly indeed.

25 thoughts on “What It’s Like When Simon is Wild

  1. HA!! That hopping ballet gif was the first thing that I saw in my feedly feed this morning.

    I died. DIED. Wtf is even going on there?

    Oh, also, Wild Simon sounds like a blast. 🙂

  2. Love this. Mr. P’s wild is very similar. Sometimes I find myself allowing him to truck around in a big canter while I sit there with a smile on my face. Love ponies who know how to show they feel good without being stupid!

  3. Wild Simon and Wild Bobby are much the same. Perhaps we’d be more impressed by their Wild Antics if we weren’t giggling to hard at them.

  4. Bahahah! I wish wild Copper was like wild Simon. Wild Copper is capable of rodeo bucks and the airs above ground though… I want wild Simon instead!

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